How many of have been hit by a car on a bike...

Sep 19, 2016
How many of u have been in a biking accident with a car, and how many of u have been close to one, and who hasn't? My mom is worried I will get hit and killed by a car while riding on busy roads. Any of u have anything to say to ease her worries?


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Jun 24, 2016
I was hit by a tow truck and bent my front wheel to hell and almost snapped the fork off, the truck driver was nice enough to tow my bike and drive me to the hospital free of charge.

I was side swiped and left a huge gash in the guys black paint, his registration was expired so he gave me a hundred bucks to not call the police, all I lost was a reflector.

I was almost hit a number of times by people who don't know what a stop sign is for.

Dropped my bike on snow twice at low speeds.

Most recently had a plastic cup try to kill me.

I was wearing a helmet during each and every incident, and I love riding my bike!

Steve Best

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Sep 22, 2012
Your mom is right.
Especially at your age.
Death and lifelong injury are always a possibility on a bicycle and motorcycle.
You have to be a super visible and defensive rider.
And NO loud pipes do not save lives. Bright colours and safe driving do.


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Sep 23, 2013
Always assume that they haven't seen you. It means you often stop unnecessarily when drivers do intend to give way, but it is difficult to know since they often look right at you and still pull out into your path.
Car drivers pull out of petrol stations etc and into/across the cycle lane even when there is no gap in the traffic. So they just stop and block the lane. They will do this when you are too close to stop in time. It's like they can't see anything but other cars and don't see or care they are across a lane of cycle traffic.
They also turn (left in USA) through a gap in a line of static traffic and across the cycle lane, often when there is nowhere to go and then they stop, again blocking the cycle lane.
Be prepared to jump over the handlebars, somersault through the air over the car and land on the other side of the car. It happens.
I hate cycling on the road unless it's very quiet (usually at night) and prefer to use traffic free cycle paths, but these often run beside the road and have junctions and the above mentioned petrol stations etc with traffic crossing them.
Jul 6, 2011
Moms right!
Ive been hit twice.
Numerous other close calls.
And Im NOT the idiot you see going against traffic, blowing through stop signs with no headlight or tail light either!
I consider my self very experienced.
35 years of motorcycling.
Riding a motorized bicycle is more dangerous than motorcycling because generally speaking, you are slower than traffic, so always getting passed.
People in cars are texting, putting on make-up, speeding, adjusting the radio, looking at the newspapaer, the list goes on.
My advice...

1. Travel the least busy streets as possible.
2. Use headlight and tail light as much as possible.
3. Even if its against the law, I like to at least go the speed limit. Constantly getting passed is very dangerous.
4. Wear bright colors.
5. Although I don't use a helmet, its not a bad idea.
6. Watch out for opposing traffic turning left in front of you.
7. Crap happens fast. REAL FAST. By the time you realize what just happened, the driver at fault is usually LONG gone.
If your lucky enough to survive a close call, a video camera is an excellent way to review footage, and get license plate numbers of incident.


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Jul 16, 2016
I've been hit 2 times once while I was in a cross walk omw to school, always assume they aren't looking at you and always assume they have a low IQ. Roads are always dangerous when others are on them, but you can avoid most of it by being smart and being visable.


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Nov 27, 2012
Your mom is right. Both of mt experiences were form people turning right in front of me with no signal leaving no time to stop. It taught me a lesson to always be alert to what vehicles could unexpectedly do, and give them a wide enough birth to do it. Sometimes I'll get where I'm going a little slower, but a lot healthier.


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Apr 18, 2010
How many of u have been in a biking accident with a car, and how many of u have been close to one, and who hasn't? My mom is worried I will get hit and killed by a car while riding on busy roads. Any of u have anything to say to ease her worries?
Hi Mom, I am 57, have an adult son, and been building motorized bikes for 6 years.
Does you son know the rules of the road?
Enough to pass a drivers license test?
If not, stop now, he ain't ready.

If he is traffic savvy at 17 then it's just a matter of remaining as safe as possible while riding.
First and foremost is GOOD BRAKES, NO motorrized bike is safe with just a rear coaster brake, heck I am putting dual disc brakes on the bikes I build these days but regardless it's needs a front brake.

Number 2 on my list is a strobing front light for daylight riding.
It makes everyone you are headed towards take a second look and see you are going much faster than they expected and wait for you.

Other than that don't be an idiot riding.
Stay on the right, don't ride on the sidewalk, and for your moms sake always wear a helmet and glasses when riding, only idiots don't.