Tubes How many patches on a tube?

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  1. I have a general rule I sometimes follow, two patches on a tube is okay, three is too many. How many patches are okay on a tube before you throw it away?

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    To each his own. Personal preference for me is zero. I would patch one to get me home in an emergency though. On some of my donor bikes I've torn apart Iive counted as many as six. So far only had 2 flats in 14 years. Just lucky like that I guess. LOL 80% of my builds have the fat tire on the back which would need a plug.
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  3. Turtle Tedd

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    Graucho's post..above.. is good advise....patch it to get you home if you have to ...then replace it
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    Well patches are cheaper than tubes if money is tight. If patched correctly, as many as your comfortable with, unless they're throwing your wheel out of balance! When a tube is's done. :rolleyes7:
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    I have ran as many as 4 patches on a tube. After that I just toss it and install a new one when the next leak arrives.
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    patch or no?

    I just got done with patching a sew-up on my track bike. Back when I had a shop I never did patches. I just sold them a new tube because I could not guarantee a patch.

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    stop patching when you have to patch a patch:grin5:
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    Everyone's 2 cents is flying so here's mine. I have welded leaf springs and was told it can't be done. The 68 Camaro I welded lasted me 15 years and put 80,000 miles on it,then I sold it. I have patched many tubes with no problems. Back when the tire's were not steel belted I use to count the rings on my worn out tires on my car and after three separate cords where showing I would then remove the tire. The tire would resemble an inner tube at that point, I did however have the occasional ultra quick flat when I pushed the tire to those limits, you could hear the air escaping at as you drove down the road. Not recommended for the faint of heart.