how many times have u been pulled over



well for me getting accross town is kinda like capture the flag. every day i ride about 10 miles to school then back. the crappy part about that is the city of tucson regulated on motorized bikes after spookytooth cycles flooded the streets with about 200 of them. the worst rule they put on the bikes was a speed limit of 20mph which is bulls**t. this is why getting to school and back has become kinda a game to me. i try to ride as fast as i can with out getting caught.

some days ive been caught tho. i got caught running a red light and got my bike impounded i got a 1300 dollor ticket and 6 sitations. then i lied to the cop and told her i was a minor because she told me that i would of gone to jail if i was 18 but yea what ever i tricked her. ive been pulled over about 7 times, the 3rd being the worst having to get my bike out of 30 day impound was the biggest pain in the ass ive even went threw. 200 dollors to get my bike out the next day. i went to court and beat my ticket and didnt have to pay any more fines.

After that i got pulled over for going 22 up hill cuz i saw the cop point his radar gun at me so i locked up the breaks and coasted by. but they still busted me with a warning. the worst are motorcycle cops those guys hate us. the guy who pulled me over for going 22 had a little notebook with a drawling of a car, motorcycle and motorized bike at the top and he put a little tally mark next to about 8 more, what a jerk. i know for a fact they dont like us my friends neighbor is a motorcycle cop but he only pulls over commercial vehicals. but he was talking about how all the other bike cops hate us and love busting our asses.

ive had about 5 cops pull up next to me and match my speed one said i was going 35 when it felt like 15 to 20 but you know what ever. the other day 2 cops in one day matched my speed it was pretty lame. i can say ive had over a dosen run ins with the cops in the last couple months just for riding a bike. pretty lame. some of you guys are lucky that the cops dont even take a second look at you for rideing down the street. wish i had it that way.
Bird , What a bummer! The hassels of the big city are all upon you man. I hate the cops when they pull that s**t. Its like they got nothing better to do?Why can't they go catch somebody doing something wrong. No THEY gotta hassel US. And I've found out over the years that you can't fight um . They got all the trump cards. I guess I'm lucky to live in the town of nowhere , in the state of Confusion. This is Hicksville USA in West by God Virginia. Well truthfully I live in an area of Urban Sprall. Lots of new housing. The highschools are growing by 300 to 400 students a year. But I ride the only motorized bike around , so far , and the cops look at me but thats all. I here that there is a guy with a rear engine bike in the next town over but we haven't crossed paths yet. Everyone asks me about my bike so its just a matter of time and I'll start to see more of them and then the cops will probably get after us. Tom in WV
yea i cant realy get away every where i go people are asking me about my bike the most common is what is the motor out of or how fast does it go and when i tell them it pushes about 45 they look at me like im crazy. its even worse when i ride the sidecar. i go to the store and i cant get in or it takes twice as long because people are all over it.
Rush hour going home around 5pm there is usually a cop on the main street I ride uphill to go home, but they only look at me I don't have my sticker so I hope they don't pull me over man...
today was a rush getting home there was a cop walking accros the road with his car in a parking lot of this gas station pretty far away. i didnt see him till he poped out right in front of me trying to stop me cuz i was going way to fast. when i saw him pop out it kinda startled me to i just blew past him and took off then he started running tword his car so i crossed a main street and went threw a dirt lot a down an ally an lost him. ahahha soo funny.
Ive been pulled over once. The cop asked me alot of questions and told me to pedal it home because i didn't have a light, or a muffler.
Mile High Chop-Ped said:
So far I have just waved and they wave back.

Same. I think they would be pissed if there were a lot of them all over the place though. I think there are only one or 2 others in this town.
the cops pretty much leave me alone....Califonia is lax on motor bicycle laws just obey posted speed and stay under 30 in also helps to build one for the dare program
yup... america is the country of laws.

If you wanna go faster then 30 on the bicycle, then get a motorcycle.

In other countries, they don't care if i go 60 or 100 on a bicycle.