How many vendors are there at MBC?

Discussion in 'Forum Help & Suggestions' started by MacTac, Apr 18, 2009.

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  1. MacTac

    MacTac New Member

    Reading some of the posts here and trying to understand how the MLM system works at EZM motorbikes, it appears that the only people who have an EZM system kit is ,,,,,,,,,VENDORS! Now I have to ask this,,,, Why are they posting in 4 Strokes? I thought that vendors were only supposed to post in the vendor section. It is very clear from the postings that I have read that the only kits out there right now are "proto-type" kits. And they are only sent to EZM "dealers", but I see that they are still listed as members, not dealers?

    So, are they members or dealers???? If indeed they are dealers / vendors, how about following the set rules for vendors?? How about moving all the 4 stroke "proto-type" builds to the "Vendor" section? Because that is what they are.

    I watched as this forum almost tore itself apart not long ago, during that time it was established that MBc was a consumer forum, NOT a vendor forum. Why the change of heart?

    And one other item comes to mind, How can a vendor be a Moderator? I bring this up only because of the conflict of interest that might occur given enough time. I like this forum for all of the info and ideas I gain, but fear it will all be tossed once the forum is turned into a vendors paradise.


  2. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    Interesting points, Mac.
    I'm only going to respond from my own point of view; from my personal 'story' if you will.
    I am a member first and foremost, and only wish to continue as such on the forum- to discuss, to build bikes, and to socialize. I had Tom change my status when I started my shop officially, for the sake of honesty and fairness after getting my state tax I.D.# and my federal I.D.#. I felt it only proper to identify myself as such, as a dealer of both EZ, and GEBE.
    I have no intentions of selling over the internet or on this forum, but if someone needs a part or something certainly, I'm glad to help a fellow M/B'er in need.
    I prefer to do business one on one, face to face, I prefer that personal interaction in my dealings.
    But I have been a member of this forum for quite some time now, and wish to continue as such; for my own personal enjoyment and enrichment, as well as being able to contribute to the greater good, to help further the hobby/sport/industry/movement and give back (hopefully) in a positive and worthwhile way.
    I don't believe the build ups of the prototypes belong in the vendor section as these are not being built for sale, but for the fun of the build and testing purposes, these folks (myself included) are not huckstering these bikes/kits in their posts but rather are having fun, and wanting to show their different approaches to some of the issues that we, as the prototype testers, are to be working on for the sake of helping this fledgling company work out Before releasing to the public. I don't see an issue there. I do think that perhaps they belong in he frame mount section though, as these are full kits being installed in the frame and not just about the 4-stroke engine in and of itself.
    I see your concern on the potential of a conflict of interest in the
    'vendor as moderator' point of view and hadn't really given that much thought. As such have little to say there, but you have given me something to think about and chew over with that...
    This is merely my own perspective.
  3. bamabikeguy

    bamabikeguy Active Member

    I like to think of myself as a "for hire MB bike builder", I spend more time transporting and beefing up the bike than modifying then installing the kits. All the work you put into them, each one a little better than the last, learn as you go, it barely is minimum wage.

    (Good thing I don't wear a watch, else I'd get aggrevated).

    The bike shop and GEBE are my suppliers, but I raise goats for a living.
  4. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    :eek:fftopic:I just got a couple of goats myself- the chickens and future hogs are more my thing though... The goats just help with blackberry control, and entertainment.
  5. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    personally, I am a member, here to help others, and get help myself, when needed
    I am a dealer for EZ Motorbike, but I am not trying to sell to anyone here, just posting my input on my purchase
    the reason only dealers have the EZM, is the kit is still in 'beta' mode
    (we dealers are helping 'work out the kinks', so to speak)
    I would like my staus to stay at 'member', but, I do say in my sig that I am a dealer
  6. Pablo

    Pablo Motored Bikes Sponsor

    I obviously am a sponsor/vendor. But I am a MB lover first. That said my opinion and perhaps the rules are that IF you are a vendor you should clearly identify yourself.

    We try to follow the rules. ANY new product announcement will be only in the vendor section. It bugs me too when some of the other guys roll their stuff out in other sections. I do post our products in other sections IF someone a) asks for a solution, or b) asks a direct question about our products. This is not a violation of the rules.

    Again, I don't think there is a rule that vendors can't post in other sections as long as they aren't starting threads to hawk their wares. (This is probably where EZM crossed the line in your eyes, I can see that). With the 50 - 100 (#?) EZM dealers - if they are all posting about and for EZM.....yeah I see your will get old really fast (not saying this will happen with any certainty)

    Here's the deal in the vast world outside MB's: Most sites, there are only sponsors - not two classes. You can't sell products on that site unless you are a paid sponsor. I don't understand why MB just lets non-sponsors sell products. All you need to do is call yourself a vendor and get the name by your avatar and you can sell. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing.
  7. augidog

    augidog New Member

    "a meeting place for the motoredbiking enthusiast and supplier"

    it sometimes can be as pleasant as it sounds. i know if we were all together in real life, convention-style...

    the serious suppliers...have a booth with info, and respectfully wait for inquiries...maybe walk around, hand out keychains, shake hands...they've been hangin' out and sponsoring the rent, are usually avid mb'ers themselves...and they'll be around after the sale, too.

    the other guys...pulling a cartful of boxes with vague markings. no IDEA what the heck's really in there, running around tugging at your elbow. get yer cash & skeedaddle! know what gets to me? when they DO know what's in there, and sell it to you anyway. yeah...that guy, we all know him.

    in real-life, this wouldn't even be an issue, someone would surely be in someone's face if they got too pushy or cheaped you out. you know it, i know it, they know it.

    but this is the land of anonymity, and this is the closest thing to a compromise we've been able to sustain without too much strain on the group. i also am a bit tired of the tendancy to take the mile every time the inch is given. lotsa folks made honorable use of the free-reign vendors get, now they kick in...lotsa folks wander in and start hawking, make money, and the group doesn't get even a "howdy-doo"... if the practice gets tiresome, i think this "consumer's group" has every right to express it's feelings, and it has every right to expect response...not necessarily in words, but by-dawg at least thru future actions, eh?

    my opinion is that MBc's history & current setup boils down to the issue of personal character. i believe this is what will always set us apart :cool2:

    PS: my personal posts (rides) i just post wherever any member would...the new gebe clutch, tho i'd love to go on about it, i posted in the only appropriate place. chew on that, y'all.
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  8. MacTac

    MacTac New Member

    My post is not to question the intentions of the members,,,,,,,, I know they are honorable.

    That said,,, I believe what is going on is just "newbie" vendors.

    Uncle Punk 13 says, "wanting to show their different approaches to some of the issues that we, as the prototype testers, are to be working on for the sake of helping this fledgling company work out Before releasing to the public."

    As a proto-type tester you are a vendor, it is YOUR company that you are helping out, using this forum to converse and share your ideas with other "vendors". By bringing it on a public forum you are creating "hype", aka, "spam"! These ideas and experiences should be kept to "inter-office" "memo's".

    I do hope that when these kits are offered to the public or "consumers", that you will indeed be here to help them along with their builds. But for now,,, it's a conflict of interest.

    Azbill says, "the reason only dealers have the EZM, is the kit is still in 'beta' mode (we dealers are helping 'work out the kinks', so to speak)."

    There again it's a dealer only thing, and as such it's a conflict of interest to post as a dealer and desire to be just a member.

    As stated above,,, "My post is not to question the intentions of the members,,,,,,,, I know they are honorable".

    I can see that Pablo,,, gets it! Thank You, for being a vendor and Sponsor at MBc. I also agree about the rampant sellers here,,, there should be a connection between sellers and being a sponsor.

    The same kudos to augidog, Thank You, for being a vendor and Sponsor at MBc.

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  9. uncle_punk13

    uncle_punk13 Guest

    Well I know you're newish (by comparison) 'round here. Too bad you never got to really know me, you'd know that bit about creating hype and spam to be not true... who the **** are you to question my character, and intentions?!?! Now you never will know me. I'm done with you.
    I posted my work in progress because I'm enjoying the build of the vehicle. Building kustom bikes and kustom motored bikes is my creative outlet, my medium.
    So should no one post if they are associated in any way with any company? Are you not a part of a company by using, supporting, and discussing a particular engine kit? I'm a bike shop who deals in vintage and antique, as well as kustomizing, cycles, refurbishing vintage and antique parts, and happen to be a dealer for two different types of modern kits. I also repair all makes and models of vintage and modern engine kits.
    Sorry if anyone else is put off by this, but I've just had enough of this kind of B.S. in all areas...
    "Don't ask me for no go**** favors boyo":cool:
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  10. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

    I hate when I have to think. :confused::38:

    So here I am hating myself. What I did notice, while thinking, is on the left side of this forum is a list of sponsors. One I don't care for much, but still they are sponsoring this forum and I will give them credit for that. What I don't see is EZM listed, is that because they are not a sponsor of this site? If using this site as a resource to develop a product I would think it would be nice to at least sponsor the site. Forum software can't be that hard to install, I bet I could do it in a couple hours never having tried before.

    On the other hand it is nice to hear about the development of a product. The issues in the real world, after the developers have said here it is its perfect, is rather exciting. Way back in the dark ages, "before the Internet", I have versions of software that are specific to ME, or rather to my real world experience and changes by the manufacture, based on my experiences as reported on CompuServe (I got comp'd my membership, due to my involvement in the computer industry). The 2 cycle "china girl" kit sure could use something where the manufacturer gets invovled with the customer. We often see what is wrong or needs to be improved.

    I wish that I had an "uncle_punk" bike shop near me. When I go into the nearest bike shop it is with trepidation, cause they know oil is dripping and I have the perfume of petrol, not to mention I'm a cheap bastid/shady tree mechanic.

    So, I guess what I am saying is maybe I (which really what matters to me) would like to see EZM listed as a sponsor on the left side of this web page and maybe EZM consider putting up a forum (or a blog which I bet is easy to do, heck I know it is where the general public could visit to see the development of what sound like a great product.:wings:
  11. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    i think I remember duane showing his titan stuff for quite a while before anyone got one,sbp was doing the shift-kit for some time, scooterguy posts in frame-mount, they were excited about a new deal co ming to market
    I am feeling pointed at for the same as others have done
    quenton, and mike should post in vendors, it is their company
    I am building my bike and trying to share my ups n downs with others
    I thought that was what this place was for

    I was having such a good day relaxing after the long day in tucson, yesterday, till carp had to creep into this again :(:(:(
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  12. augidog

    augidog New Member

    i have yet to actually pocket a single dollar for all the enthusiasm i've thrown into this movement, it all gets thrown right back into local supplies. the "profit" is that because of motorized bicycles i have a life. personally, i don't offer anything online except "presence" & direct email support (hardly needed, MBc has a great group of GEBE builders/riders) for golden eagle, who are some very honorable and likable people. dennis is about the bike, he loves tweaking his kit for personal reasons. GEBE is also the 1st, and therefore longest-standing, sponsor MBc has. but that has nothing to do with me, i'm merely a very fortunate liason.

    those kudos completely belong to Golden Eagle :grin5:

    now, i can attest to rif's personal agenda...he's all about the bike, and he sees the potential for an honorable tradesman in this new market. uncle_punk13 is an honorable tradesman. me & rif been here thru it all...seen the difference in outlooks and the diversity of style grow as quickly as this group did...we recall exact moments when alliances broke, friendships failed, we also watched as some friendships got stronger & new bonds formed to renew and keep the forums moving forward.

    yaknow something?

    it's worth it, the group somehow must agree, because anyone who'll hang out despite the differences can only be in it for the bike.
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  13. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    I think it comes down to, if you have sold a motoredbike, are you a vendor?
    if you are not, then I have not sold a darn thing that made me money here
    people have been very cool with me and i with them (to think I am in it for the $$$ is just not me, dude)

    anybody who knows me, knows i have been waiting for a reliable 4cycle frame-mount since I joined

    I am proud of my bike (I am also proud that EZM asked if I would like to be a dealer), and think I should be allowed to present it to members just like anyone else

    ps...I am wondering how it is that a member here for 1 month, can disrupt so quickly, and just throw character shots at people who are well known to not be who/what he is calling them

    the reason I ever even asked about the EZM is because of Quenton and his reputation for quality work fairly priced, found out about mike after (can't go wrong with 2 of the most well known people behind a product)
    how this dude thinks this is mlm is beyond my comprehension (go try to buy a caddy straight from GM :))
    anything else I think of will go in a seperate post
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  14. augidog

    augidog New Member

    dang, bill, i was just going to edit in that very thing about you wanting (needing) a 4-stroke :)
  15. augidog

    augidog New Member

    i caught myself in a fib, i have made an online offering.

    i sold a bike, as a member i could have listed it in "buy/sell/trade" but because it came with a factory-warranted GEBE i used the vendor's area.
  16. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    you sent me an engine once, for the price of shipping, does that make us co-conspirators???
  17. augidog

    augidog New Member


    what's the latest conspiracy?
  18. lordoflightaz

    lordoflightaz Member

    bill and augi you were already doomed, I think that makes you a "cell".

    Me I am probably in deep doo doo too cause my neighbor puts together engines for a vendor. I actually have pictures of their spring chain tensioner.

    I hope you did not take offense at my earlier comment, as I don't see you as vendors.
  19. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    conspiracy of the day....
    have a good time, keep the rubber side down :)

    LoL, all good dude, I like your neighbors boss, Jim is a very good guy
  20. KilroyCD

    KilroyCD Active Member

    I believe that, although those who are doing the beta testing are signed up to be EZM dealers, it may be premature to change their status to vendors as the product is not yet on the market. But I can also see the point about using the 4-stroke forum to talk about a product that is only in the hands of dealers and the general public cannot get at this time. It is a very valid point. I'm guilty of not thinking about that aspect before posting about my build in the 4-stroke section. Heck, I was just excited about having one of the kits.
    As to the moderator being a vendor, I know that was directed towards me. I have been discussing this with a senior moderator, and will be discussing this with admin (Tom) shortly. While being connected with Quenton's venture, I can still remain objective as I have a love for all types of MBs. I have two HT-engined bikes, a Whizzer and now one of the EZM beta kits. Down the road, I also want to build a rack-mount bike and I'm also looking into the possibility of an e-bike. I have always been able to remain objective, and would like to continue offering my services as a moderator to the forum if Tom doesn't feel that there would be a conflict of interest. The other moderator I have been discussing this with felt that my history of objectiveness would allow me to continue as a moderator, but it is not his call. As to selling goods, because I feel it would be an obvious conflict of interest I will not be offering items for sale on the forum while serving as a moderator.
    Also, because it does belong there, I have moved my EZM thread to the vendor area.
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