how many would survive

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by japat100, Oct 20, 2007.

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  1. japat100

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    how many would survive the Cabot trail ,,eastern part of Canada ,cape breton island ,,185 mile run ,mountains reaching ,1200 ft. and the atlantic ocean below ,,one of the greatest scenic trips you will ever take ,, ,,different events take place every year on the trail ,,,world famous relay races , teams from all over the world try there hand to run the trail ,, bicycle race ,and last year the Harley club went around over 3,000 motorcycle

    just last week the 10 day music festival finish up and i would say about 20 or 30 thousand people drove the trail to see the color change , something to see ,but better to go when lobster season is on

    so the question is how many mb would survive ,and how many drivers would survive , my guess would be about 40 percent of our bikes would fail ,,and about 5
    percent of our drivers may not survive ,,, heart attack ,some lost in the clouds and fog , breaks failure , ,front wheel fall off, chain breaks and you drop 1000 ft and end up in the the Atlantic ocean ,,

    we would need at least 2000 mb to to book the trail ,in order to get support from local government ,motel owners ,restraint , and highway police , and of course ambulance service , did i say undertaker , 2000 mb would take in about 6,000 people to the island because most mb drivers would take family, then there would be 20,or 30 thousand spectators along the trail , ,now you can see why you would get support from local government and bussiness

    who knows maybe by 2010 there maybe enough interested ,,,yes you would need a 50 tooth sprocket .and it would take 2 days . ,it,s a trip you would never forget ,and auge would need at least 4 sets of batteries ,,so i will leave you with a address of pics ,,take a look at things you would see ,, i also notice that they did not put any pics of the highest mountain terrain ... i guess they did not want to scare anyone off from coming to drive the trail

    have a good day

  2. Alaskavan

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    Looks a lot like home.
  3. japat100

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    yes you live in a beautiful part of the world ,,i was never their but someday i plan to take a trip on a ship .

    .when you hear some members talk about traffic jams , 2 locks on their bikes no place to store there bikes only their apartment ,it make me appreciate the wide open space clean air and clear water ,,

    but people that lived in a city would go crazy here in the winter nothing to do but build another mb , snow 6 ft high and sometime days you can"t go outside because of weather ,
    i live about a mile from the castle where bell lived inventor of telephone ,, there are some photo of him on a bicycle ,not sure if it had a motor .but if there was a motor i know it was not a happy time motor made in china

    you would not survive the trail today wind is 70 mph at sea level ,and well over 80 or 90 on top of the mountains and rain .. wind would blow you over the cliffs ,only about 10 percent of us mb would survive the trail today ,,maybe just you and i because we are used to the elements