How much does your bike weigh?

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    I'm doing a new build in a week or so, the bike im using comes in at a whopping 44lbs and the HT kit is something around 19lbs I think I'm going to use a hairpin saddle and im guessing around 5lbs for that and not to mention the weight of the tank when it's full, so somewhere around 73 lbs I think is too much to be lugging up and down four flights of stairs because im in a high crime area. What do your bikes weigh?

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    i could bet my bike to be 70 pounds without a motor kit...but im sure an 80cc would move it pretty well..
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    My Trek weighs about 50lbs. My trike weighs about 125lbs. I try not to carry either one too much.
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    4 flights of stairs would be a struggle!!
    Plus the fuels smell indoors..... and everybody knows the HT engine gets kinda drippy. (some sort of dropcloth to protect your floor would be needed)

    Storing outdoors & High Crime:
    Good bike locks will slow a thief down. I'd use more than one.
    Lock it to something not easily broken or cut! (remember, they cut Tom's bikerack to steal his bike)

    I'm sure others will have anti-theft ideas for you.

    My bikes weigh around 70lbs.
    My BikeE weighed around 40lbs. with the engine kit. I still would NOT want to drag it upstairs!
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    My Schwinn Skyliner, R/S motor and Staton gear drive, is about 55lbs
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    Yeah I have no garage at the moment so i have to carry mine up my deck stairs. I can really feel the extra weight on it. Probably 70 lbs.
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    I need to weigh that motor bike of mine --- 60 lbs ?

    four flights of stairs = a darn good work out for the arms and legs
    better than getting it stolen !!!

    ride the motor bike
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    Who cares, ya got a motor.

    about 41 lbs.

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    I'm working on the philosophy that if the cops are after u any bike u can't lift over a fence is too heavy.
    Varying weights,50-80lb.

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    That's funny, I hope the cops wont be after me
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    Cannondale F3000 = 24 LBS
    Gebe Robin = 13 LBS

    Feather weight
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    TWalker, I want to hate you, but I can't. 37lbs total sounds sweet.
    My old Schwinn Conti weighs about 40. Add 10 for the small motor. Water bottle, rack and tool bag gives a total of about 55lbs. Lighter than others, it seems, but still no pleasure to haul up/down stairs.

    To those who have to traverse stairs:
    This may sound stupid, but it wasn't until I made this extra-heavy bike that I learned a better way to carry it. Before, I would grab it by the top bar and hold it on my shoulder, like you see the triathelete guys do when they have to run with a bike.
    But after I motorized it (heavier), I found it much easier to grab the chain stay with my arm fully hanging down.
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    It's been a while since I've checked in...all steel Jamis earth cruiser w/ 25cc homelite bumble bee bolt on friction drive 75 lbs...Oh yeah, I've got over 1,000 miles on her now and running sweet! 160mpg, 25mph on flat, more fun than humans should be allowed! Be careful out there...
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    It's a good question and as I continue pursuing this MB thing this question has become more important to me, IE: lighter is better.
    Of the three MBs I currently have the lightest is 46 lbs and the heaviest over 60.
    To each their own of course but I think many builders feel weight is not much of a issue because that's why they have a motor. IMO that's OK for motorcycles or scooters but I want the bicycle to remain as much like a bicycle as possible.
    My goal now is to keep them under 50 lbs max for sport, light duty MBs and
    for more utility MBs somewhat heavier would be necessary.
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    Sounds like a good setup on a sweet bike. I'm curious though about the 75 lbs when that bike specs at 32 lbs. The 25cc FD can't weigh that much, where is the 40 lbs coming from?
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    Thats where I am. I've been building since 95 and I've been on a quest for the ultimate commuter/performance for the last year.

    My last personal bike was a Next dual suspension with a Dax 50 and I realized it felt like a boat anchor when trying to pick it up, easily 70 lbs. Performance was good but it was noisy with those chains and no was too much! No fun to pedal. It was a long way from being a bicycle.

    Simplicity. How could I get back to basics and still perform well? How could I build a bike that was friendlier to bicyclists?

    A very lightweight mountain bike with friction or even GEBE setup works well.

    Ironically a friction drive is considered by many to be low tech/less performance but after years of building I'm starting to believe the friction guys were right all along.
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    "The Dragon Lady", a girlie cruiser with dual Mitsubishi 43cc and friction drive weighs 91 pounds with full tanks.:detective:

    I carried it up two flights of stairs to weigh it.:rolleyes7:

    "The Whizzard" , a 2006 Whizzer weighs 105lbs.:detective:

    "BOB", my push trailer project weighs 63lbs, 50lbs over its original weight. It'll gain more weight when reinforcing plates are welded on.
  20. Happy Valley

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    Well, to each their own, ride what you like and like what you ride, but to come to those conclusions requires the open mind of a free thinker.

    When I first got into this I too thought FD was something from the WWI era that geezers rode. I've devolved, happily. :grin5:

    The "look" is often most important thing to a lot of people and even rack mounts will be dismissed because they don't look like a motorcycle.

    I don't want my MBs to look like a motorcycle, I want them to to look like a bicycle, under the radar, and retain as much of that pure, sweet functionality that only a good bike can offer.