How much have you been offered?



I'm sure that I'm not the only one who had this happen to them, but two days ago when I was riding my bike around at about 8:00 in the morning looking at garage sales, a man at a sale just walked up to me and asked me the usual questions about the bike how fast, etc. And then he offered me 300 bucks right there! And keep in mind this was for my 3,000 something mile junker made from a 10$ goodwill bike. I didn't wind up selling it, and I regret not doing it now, because I could have bought a new kit for that much money.
I bought a pre-assembled bike for $500 shipped. The second day I rode it, somebody screamed out their car window... "You wanna sell that bike?" I had just assumed he wouldn't want to pay $500, and I was REALLY having fun at the time, so I shook my head no.

I really regret not asking him how much he'd pay for it, 'cause some types of people don't like to hold onto money... but at least I now realize that EVERYTHING has a price tag (excluding friends & family).
I took my bike to a boot-sale, not to sell, just to transport me there. I had just parked my bike when a crowd gathered around and two old men started to ask questions about the bike, and then they started to bid over each-other. I just laughed and said it wasnt for sale :)

So, dont park your bike near a stand, someone, might think its for sale :)
Good point- let's use the location in our profiles- you never know where you will find a like minded.....weirdo. ;)

One guy has asked me to build him one like mine....and mine's not finished, but I would be in Derringer territory to come close to making a profit.
I think that if the money was right, I'd build a bike for somebody. I wouldn't go crazy custom on it... that's their job... but slapping a kit to a bike for a nominal fee could be rewarding.
Someone offered me $500 for my bike and it is a Huffy I got off CraigsList for $40 and a Dax70 kit on it.... I might just sell it to them and get a better (read bigger) bike.
Someone offered me $500 for my old schwinn.... I turned that down. That's where two fools met.
speaking of 2 fools.....

I was offered $200 CASH, a 14 foot camping trailer, & a 110v. wirefeed welder for Rusty.
I'm still riding Rusty. (now thats love) :rolleyes:

april of 2005