how often does everyone replace their sparkplugs

Discussion in 'Electrical' started by andrewflores17, Apr 22, 2007.

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  1. i was wondering how often everyone replaces their sparkplugs and and my air filter fell off does anyone now of any homeade alternatives i tryed panty hose but it restricted the airflow to much

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    Plugs can go from a few hundred miles to thousands. I have the original plug in my Yamaha scooter and it has 5000 miles on it.

    If you suspect the plug, or take it out and it's cruddy, change it.

    What exactly broke on your air filter? Can it be glues/screwed or "re-assembled"?
  3. JosephGarcia

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    I just replaced mine, took about a month since there was a fresh one in it last. I ride my engine pretty hard though. For 1.65$ I don't mind replacing it every month.
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    The China plugs are crap. I've had two fail because the center electrode pulled out of the ceramic insulator. I would replace your China plus ASAP, particularly before a long ride. SX of a loose electrode is missing..mine was cutting out at high speeds.
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    See "Optimize for your application" in General discussion for a list of suitable plugs.
  6. the same thing happend to my sparkplug where the center part fell out
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    i went and just grabed a champion spark plug for lawn mowers it works goog its a bit shorter. will it being a little short effect it in a bad way at all?
  8. When you run a shorter plug the exposed threads will fill with carbon making it easy to strip the cylinder out when you install a correct length plug again.
  9. i replaced my spark plug and my bike is sounding alot louder my dad said running hot but it sounds as loud as my old motercycle its staying parked till i can figure it out
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    Doubt it's running hot, except to say maybe "hotter performance". Is it possible that it's running better and therefore making a bit more noise?

    Muffler loosen up?

    I changed my plug out as soon as I opened the box.
  11. im thinking that it might be the exhaust but its raining right now i will need to wait till the weather gets better but the pipe is tight and from and outside visual veiw it looks to be perfectly fine need the dam weather to coperate