How Old ? - your first motor bike adventure

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  1. Mountainman

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    hey there motorized bikers

    if like myself - thinking for many of you
    those first rides on a motor bike - we will never forget

    I was raised (part time) by my grandfather
    old grandpa was a 2-wheel rider of anyTHING with motor from way back

    grandpa drove a cement truck for a living -- brought home 110 dollars a week
    one payday when he arrived home from work
    grandma ran out to meet him so as to get some of that pay check
    grandpa said "that he had spent the WHOLE THING"
    grandma asked " on what ?"

    grandpa had brought home to me at the age of six or seven
    a custom built mini bike with a 7 1/2 hp PowerCraft engine
    wow -- that little THING went around 45 mph
    I rode that THING for all day long -- on so many fun filled days

    grandpa had passed it down -- it's in the blood
    little motor bikes a running through -- how about you ?

    ride that thing

  2. ZnsaneRyder

    ZnsaneRyder Member

    I was 25. I didn't have nice motorized toys as a youth, so I had to make one of my own.

    It's the best!

  3. srdavo

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    ha... I think I was about 12, (1969) I'd been bugging my Dad for a minibike....NO luck, what so ever!
    Then one day, I asked him to quit his job. When he asked why, I told him...."The neighbors don't work & their kids have minibikes!!"

    The next day, Dad bought a 1965 Honda 50 for me. Within the year, we upgraded to a Honda SL100.
    At 14, I traded the Honda for a Brand NEW 10 speed. I could travel with the bicycle, as I wasn't street legal with the Honda.
    I've owned a few Motorcycles since, but it's always back to bicycles for me.
  4. Gungatim

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    This thread got me thinking about why I like motorized stuff so much. My first adventure was riding on the back of my Grandfather's ugly black Solex moped on the sidewalks of detroit circa 1974. I remember he won it (didn't find out until after he died it was in a poker game) and was so proud he wanted to show it off. Nobody would ride with him but me. We had a blast cruising around on low speed (those only had a 2 speed throttle) while dogs chased us down the street. I remember hitting a buckled section of sidewalk and falling off the back. I thought he would be mad but he just picked me up and plopped me back on and never told anyone. I think I was about 6 years old.

    I have been addicted to motorized stuff ever since. Growing up alot of my friends had dirtbikes, gokarts, etc. but we could never afford such luxuries. Now that I am 40, I am recreating my youth. I have built 2 motorized bikes, one gokart, one mini scooter, and have half a dozen little projects in various states of completion in my shop. When my pusher project is done, I plan to build a home made Utility vehicle, using a wrecked quad, golf cart, and whatever else I can scrounge up. Then maybe a replica Ford Quadracycle, then I have a suzuki moped with no motor that I think a Lifan 110cc could be stuffed in.

    I love motors....
  5. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    yes -- there the other MB THING is

    my second MB
    also a Honda 50cc sports model with a large climbing sprocket
    that thing would climb almost anyTHING !!!
    I think that I owned it from around the age of 12 - 15
    never even had to adjust the points
    bought it in cherry condition for around 100 dollars
    sold it many, many miles later for 135 or 145 -- long, long time ago now

    that's why I still have a very weak spot for Japanese motors

    those THINGS run forever !
  6. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    Grandfather's -- just a passing the THING on down

    got to love those motor bike Grandpa's

    grandpa Bill had an old BSA one lunger -- 500cc I think it was
    he would put me on the back and say hold on tight
    man that man could ride that THING -- scared me to death

    but -- I always wanted more

    as we rode that THING together !!!
  7. macarollo

    macarollo Guest

    I was 25 when I bought my motorcycle.

    26 When I started building/riding motorized bikes.
  8. duivendyk

    duivendyk Guest

    I must have been about four when I got my first ride with my brother in the sidecar of a humongous motorcycle piloted by my grandpa.It was a Henderson,I later found out.I could hardly look out, but was thrilled all the same by the sheer speed.This thing would move! (A 4 cyl.1200 cc longitudinal inline engine).He was an early adopter,loved things that moved fast,esp motor cycles& airplanes.The Henderson did not survive WW2.Later I found a Henderson engine in a junk yard, carted it home & took it apart.My first motorcycle was a far cry from that, a dinky 125 cc DKW 2 stroke, but I was thrilled all the same.In Holland you have to be 18 to get a license.
  9. nsideus

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    This stirs up memories There was a guy in the neighborhood with a motorized bike I would always stop him to ask questions, gotta be where it started.
    I bought a go cart when I was 9 for $35 mowed the neighbors and our lawn.
    My Dad brought home a 5hp mini bike from the auction when I was 10 it had lights . Dad let me ride it in the back yard at night there was and oval carved from riding it so much. One night I talked my cousin into getting on the back we went out into the fields a construction co. had cut some new roads and I nailed a berm at full speed my cousin flew off and would never ride with me again. LOL
    I still have and old mini bike with a ‘68 briggs.
  10. I got my first tast of gas engine power when I was 5 a 3 wheeler for christmas not like todays 3 wheelers but a chopper with a rear engine it still exists in a storage building at parents place

    I had mini bikes & motorcycles & mopeds & everything inbetween..

    I had several factory mopeds that were basically bicycles with motors attached 1 was a solex front engine another had a mcCulouch engine in the back I probably have a few parts left from when they were blown up.

    I rode a chicken power with an olson & rice engine or O&R still have it put many thousands of miles on that trips up to 75 miles away as a young teenager when I was 14 at that time no ID was required to go if you got stopped you just told cop you was 16 & that was that & if they didnt believe you they could call parents & parents would say 16 & that was that.

    I rode mopeds for 200,000 miles but never traveled over 100 miles away but one of my friends rode his 200 or so miles regularily to visit his grandparents & they were supposed to be tagged in state he visited & he always got pulled but they couldnt ticket him because he wasnt a resident & was only visiting.

    I have rode motorcycles over 500,000 miles during my lifetime traveling over 1/2 of the USA

    I have been slowly picking up parts for a custom hard tail chopper moped with 21 inch ape hanger handle bars it will be sweet..

  11. Happy Valley

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    My sister was dating a guy who had an old Harley, suicide clutch and stick shift on the gas tank. He used to take me for rides and I loved it and was hooked.

    Couldn't afford anything like that so the first bike was a 65cc Honda and my buddy got an 80cc Yamaha.

    We rode those things all over. One week in the summer we went "camping"....least that's what we told the folks. From southern New England we headed out and just kept going. Decided we were going to the 1967 World's Fair that was being staged in Montreal. We made it, had a ball at the Expo, slept wherever we could find.

    Heh, put a thousand miles on a 65cc with nothing but a sleeping bag, pocket full of change and the cheap toolkit that came with the bike.
    People thought we were nuts.

    Hadn't thought of that in years, thanks for the memories.
  12. graucho

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    wow all good ones! Lots of chukkles.

    I found a complete minibike frame at the dump (no engine) At age 11.
    A friend that was with me said his dad had a motor we could use. So when
    we pushed it a mile and arrived at his house I found out it was a old huge
    electric motor with two pullys and a belt. (out of? who knows)

    We had little mechanical ability so we used about 10 rolls of tape and strapped
    thay baby onto the frame. We had his brother mount the 2nd pully to the axle. (I remember it wobbled)

    By now we gathered a crowd of about 5 or 6 and we all scattered looking for any
    extension cords we could find. I swear we came up with 300 feet. With one kid
    on the bike, another one would plug it in and we were off and motoring at one speed. A whopping 6 mph.
    We had a stick in the ground so you knew when to turn around before we ran out of cord. We soon we graduated
    to a light switch to turn it on/off.

    Our dads were so impressed of our invension, they made sure there was
    always a mini bike running on the block. Walla! my love of mini choppers.
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  13. I have one of those mid 60's honda 65cc bikes with the enclosed chain guard but dont have the correct engine I had 50cc 70cc 90cc & a couple 110cc engines I had forgot all about that one.. no telling how many more I think I have the frames for a rupp black widow & a bonanza ace in field behind parents house I had both of those mini bikes at a very early age & both had jack shafts.. I can remember a couple people actually using the rupp mini bikes for traveling. thats how I got mine after the original engine blew & they didnt want to do a make shift for the electrics they sold it to me cheap but I didnt get the title I didnt care back then, I was to young to drive & was just getting it to ride off road. but it had been on several 500+ mile trips before I got it..

    as for unusual bikes I also have a Chapparal motorcycle & a couple spare engines I rode back in the 1970's its in basement of parents house...

  14. POPS

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    Unreal MM
    You shure know how to stir peoples minds...Good on ya!
    When I was 10(1967) I saved and scrimped every nickel and dime till I had 45 bucks to buy a 1965 Honda Cub, push start because the kick start lever was broken off. I would run like mad with the bike in neutral than jump on and slam it into first gear and away I would go. I rode that bike every in summer on the farm for 2 years than sold it to someones dad and bought a 1966 Suziki 80 sport . Now where going some where. Davo...Yours wasn't a push start by chance was it ?:grin5:...POPS
  15. srdavo

    srdavo Active Member

    My kickstarter worked.... I just didn't have rear brakes!!
    Describe your Cub, please. My 50 was NOT a step-thru..... gas tank in front of the seat.... wish I still had it.
    there are some pics of us.... at my Dad's house. I'll have to check 'em out.
  16. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    2-wheel things with motors

    would enjoy seeing those pictures if you find them

    I owned two of those Honda 50's
    they also were not the step through
    gas tank was in the usual place -- thought they were called -- Sport Model ?
    if I remember correctly -- came in Blue, Red, Black and Yellow colors
    three speed trans
    could buy used in very good condition all we wanted back then for 100 to 200 dollars

    don't know why -- but -- 110 dollars seemed to be the magic number for me
    I bought a few small bikes back in the old days for exactly 110 bucks

    man oh man -- talk about some trouble free miles !!!

    we love to ride those 2-wheel things with motors !!!
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  17. augidog

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    hehe, except for a B & S-powered Rupp (i still remember that squealing torque-converter) some childhood friends owned & shared, my MB adventures started a mere 3 years my whole story is here.

    my family was about gearheading and racing, but i was never exposed to much 2-wheel activity. love of bicycles does go way back, scrounging parts, mixing and matching, my brother & i had a basement full. i think my most memorable bicycle phase was during the mid 70's when my dad raced figure-8...

    we'd telescope 4 or 5 sets of forks, then put the biggest front wheel we had on it...we marked out a fig-8 course in the field, and proceded to run each other over all summer!

    it's prolly a good THING we din't have motors.

    fun thread :cool2:
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  18. SimpleSimon

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    My first motor wasn't a bike, it was an upright scooter my Dad modified with an old horizontal shaft engine and a caster wheel running against the rear tire simply by weight. At that time I had "Forrest Gump" braces on both legs and couldn't ride a bike. That little scooter and I went a lot of places. The first motorbike I ever rode belonged to Tom Willbroad, an old farmer who lived down the road and kind of adopted us kids as his grandkids. He had one of the little Honda 50 step through types, and would putt down to our house and let us take turns riding it - I was about 10 then.

    Since then I've owned various motorized gadgets - mostly three-wheelers. Having no left hand, the state of Oregon declined to give me a motorcycle license, but I could license a three-wheeler as long as the clutch/brakes were foot pedal operated - the endorsement on my license said "restricted to 3 wheeled motorcycles with foot pedal clutch only" - had a bunch of cops tell me they'd never seen such an endorsement.

    When larger bikes with automatic transmissions came around, I did eventually get a motorcycle endorsement for them, but I've always preferred three-wheelers. Built several street legal ones over the years.
  19. ...ladies

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    Well me and my buddies ARE 14 so the adventures continue lol. We road our bikes for tens of miles everyday in the past summers. Well we always got really sick of the hills. I come up with many crazy ideas and rarely follow through. When i told them i was putting a motor on all of our bikes they ofcourse thought it was a sweet idea but we wouldn't end up doing it. Did a little research and found the nifty 2 stroke kits. Now i'v got two of my own and made my three friends each one :D we're like a biker gang... haha. But ya the adventures continue. People think we're crazy when we ride 20 miles to their house to say hi. We just like to ride.. lol.
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  20. My neighbor growing up as a kid collected motorcycles, he had over 100 of them. (He didn't store them all at his house tho).

    Some of the motorcycles where those really old ones the kind that look more like bicycles then motorcycles. He let me ride those around, the ones from the WWI and I think WWII era.

    It was so much fun, going around to all my friends and showing them "my" motorcycle. :D

    So I can say, I've really rode some classics! I know I've been on a bike from like the 1920's for sure. I think that was one of his oldest.