How quiet can one get a 15-20 mph bike?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by AndreasWinsnes, Jan 1, 2016.

  1. AndreasWinsnes

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    Noise reduction is first priority, more important than speed, but the bike must be able to climb steep mountain roads, like in the Alps, carrying me and a backpack, at around 200 pounds combined, so what is the lowest decibel one can get in these conditions, having the best engine and muffler when price is almost not an issue?

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  3. AndreasWinsnes

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    Thanks for reply! Unfortunately I can't use a motorized bicycle since I just discovered that all of them are illegal in my home country, Norway...

    I know, it's crazy.
  4. KenM

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    Have you looked into electric bikes ? Strong, very quiet . And you should be able to find Stromer bikes over there everywhere , I would think. They are very good. Hope this helps. Keep looking up! Ken.
  5. AndreasWinsnes

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    Yes, but electric bikes need charging and not easy to do that while traveling in the mountains. Waiting 4-6 hours at a gas station while charging batteries every second day is rather boring.
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