How reliable is your friction drive-

Discussion in 'Friction Drive' started by 2stroker, Jun 4, 2012.

  1. 2stroker

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    My kit has been very reliable. I have put 4,000miles on it and it has not had one problem. I have had 2 flat tires and 1 bent rim and thats it. Nothing kit related. I love riding (not fixing) and will always stick by my friction drive. Those chain guys must like fixing stuff.:grin5: How has your friction kit held up?

  2. Fabian

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    A chain drive is like a social lubricant, for when such a group stops for discussion, they generally do so whilst lubricating their mechanicals.
  3. 2stroker

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    ROTHFLMAO AS long as they bring some orange cleaner to clean there hands with when there done!
  4. Richard H.

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    Since you've posted a fair number of repetitive posts with a similar theme about the kit you have perhaps a fair question to ask is if you have either direct financial or some other remunerative interest in promoting it? Are you in any way connected with this company?
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  5. Fabian

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    @ Richard_H

    Yes, it sounds a bit like a line out of "Get Smart" where Max is trying to convince Siegfried that he's surrounded by the 7th Fleet.

    i.e. a totally fictional dramatisation; any characters and content contained within are not in any way related to real life events or persons.

    2smoker - My kit has been very reliable. I have put 4,000miles on it and it has not had one problem.

    Siegfried - (in a delightfully villainous German accent) Mr 2smoker i find that hard to believe,

    2smoker - Would you believe 2,000 miles and only a drive roller replacement.

    Siegfried - Mr 2smoker i find that very hard to believe.

    2smoker - Would you believe 5 drive rollers, 3 sets of tyres and a valve stem cap.

    Siegfried - throw him overboard, the sharks haven't been fed since our last friction drive advocate.

    Starker to Siegfried - It seems like the sharks are hungry, but what are we going to do without 2smoker's razor sharp product advise.

    Siegfried - I don't know. Look on the bright side, the sharks seem to be happy.
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  6. motman812

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    After almost five years and over 2000 miles, my Stanton FD with the Honda 35cc has been dead bang dependable everytime. I particularly like that I didn't have to do any alterations (chain clearance, tensioner or rear sprocket) to my 1980 (Chicago) Schwinn Cruiser Five to install and run the kit.
  7. noisydad

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    This is year 3 for me and my BMP FD with a Honda GX35.
    Early on, I had some tire/tube problems, but with a thorn-resistant tube, tire-liner, and Kevlar-lined tire, that's been a non-issue for the last 2 years.
    This spring, I hit a massive pothole and messed up my back wheel (broken spokes), but had a spare wheel at home that has been working fine.
    The biggest problem this year is that the GX35 crapped out last month and is in the shop. It suddenly began running rough and then stalled out any time I gave it the gas. I hope to get it back soon and resume my work commutes.
  8. 2stroker

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    The thing is with friction is its 5mph slower but it gets you there everytime. Theres no chain to stretch-no tensioner to break and no sprocket to bust. Theres an engine and a drivewheel. Kinda hard to break friction.:grin5:
  9. 2stroker

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    I figured that this post would draw out the sharks. I have changed a few drive wheels on my kit and thats it. You obiously have a hard time believing that a kit can do what mine says. all i have to say to that is. Go try one and i bet you wont sit there and act like you know every about bike kits just cause you bought one and have to fix it and now you think your the bike kit king or something. This post was how reliable is you friction kit. Now how many times a day do you fix your chain drivin kits. please if your going to post a thread try and keep it on the topic. theres a place for B.S. its on the other forum that pops up when you google motorized bike forums. try it out.

    theres plenty of friction kits that are dependable. I take care of mine. With proper maintenance any friction kit can make it 4,000 miles with out a problem. All I do is clean my carb about every 1,000 and i never have any problems. The carb doesn't need it half the time.

    You might wanna try it out. Its called maintenance. With it you might get a little further.
  10. 2stroker

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    No not all. If you look at other post.I have other kits i ride.(vintage bike bug golden eagle) I just perfer my friction kit. I ride it to work everyday and it blows my mind how reliable it is over my other experiances. I have been starting to just say my friction kit. because people seem to think that im full of it cause i talk so good about it. I dont know if there vendors or what. This is a motorized bike forum isn't it. Where you go to talk about your motorized Bikes? Well thats all i do. what do you want me to say. Oh i broke down its a piece of junk. Kinda like old Death Proof. What was his last post. "Thats it im done theses things are junk". excact words. My experiance with my kit has been alot better than his. So i figured i would tell yal about it. When my kit breaks down or something goes dont worry i will be sure and post it. Dont get excited though. I just got home and it ran like a champ like usual. I see all these post of people having problems and i dont have any. I think its funny cause noone believes me. All i gotta say is if you think im full of it. Try one out and prove me wrong. You will be on here just like I am. Saying holy cow guys you wont believe this. So if you haven't tried one then dont put it down. If i asked you to how something worked and you had no clue would you try and tell me?

    All kits are fun all kits can be reliable. Proper maintenance and good care and anything is possible.
  11. 2stroker

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    Only 2 people answered this post with an acceptable thread. The post was how reliable is our friction kit. When i was a newbie i posted something not on the topic of the post and people jumped on me about saying keep it to the topic.
    So i would have to say Fabian and Richard this is a friction drive thread on reliability. If you wanna talk about your chain or your problems with me having a more reliable kit go to general discussion.
  12. 2stroker

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    Its nice being able to depend on your kit for more than a few hundred miles!
  13. fishhead

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    How much does your kit cost ?
  14. Fabian

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    Forgive me 2stroker, for i have sinned. I am the Jimmy Swaggart of mechanical escapades.

    Will you take me back...
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    Forgive you-for your opinion-nah your cool bro. Theres nothing to forgive- Its just when i 1st came on here it might have been the other mb forum but if i posted something in a thread not about the post i was surely told about it. I can be theatrical sometimes. But if i have to forigve i will Its ok dont let me catch you doing it again hehehe:grin5:
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  16. 2stroker

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    $249 I have 4,000miles so far and still tickin! I have only had to clean my carb a few times and change a few drive wheels! I haven't had any major mechanical problems or been left walkin!
  17. occchopperfl

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    I have the newest BMP Kit, and I bought the chain and belt drive option kit too.

    No problems at all.

    Started with the FD, and as you said, very reliable - the chain and belt kit is still new untouched in the shipping box - I saw no need to change.

  18. Greybeard

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    Friction drives have their drawbacks, but reliability isn't one of them for the better ones.
    My first motorbike was a friction drive Travis. I bought it in '56. Rode the **** out of it until I got a car in '59. I blew the Power Products engine when I wound it up tight on a 1/2mile down hill, and backed off on the gas. It threw bits at me.
    I have 4 bikes, two friction. They are reliable and since I ride for fun, I don't need to worry about wet traction as I'll find something else to do on the rainy days here in the Pacific North Wet.
  19. Fabian

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  20. mbatl

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    My staton robin fd on a cheap full suspension bike has been very reliable with no outstanding problems. Only issue is I need to fabricate some forward metal supports to keep the roller completely flat on the tire since its on a rear suspension triangle.