how strict is your town/city?

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    i saw on the local news, last night, the city of jackson, tn. is handing out citations for parking on the grass in your own yard! they say your auto must be parked on concrete, asphalt, or an approved gravel driveway. one man said he parks his car under the tree at the end of his house, to keep it out of the sun, which is understandable,since the temps have reached 100 degrees here, but then he hears a knock at the door, it's a smiling city inspector, handing him a citation, telling him to move it now, or pay a fine. i don't live in jackson, but if i did, i would be moving. i just think this is wrong. does this bother anyone else?

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    That is BS. You should be able to do WHAT EVER THE **** YOU WANT TO on your own property.
  3. HI,

    Yes, they are like that here in Charlottesville also.....Must park on an "improved" surface....Then when I put gravel in my back yard (which had been there for years but was mostly grown over) they can't turn you back yard into a parking lot!! (not that I did)....Hmmmmm.....I am currently in discussion about this "issue" with the zoning department (to me a non issue since I read all the applicable zoning rules (I am pretty sure I read them right) and it did not require a building permit according to the head of the City's building department)....If the City pushes it more I will have my lawyer look into it (He did help me on another issue with the City before and that turned out OK)......I think sometimes things can go too far but I guess it depends what the "rules" are....I can't say I agree with all of them tho but I guess you have to do what you have to do....
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    do they give any reason why?, andy , here they say it causes cars to track mud on the streets after rains, & that is causes erosion where the auto is parked. but i seem to remember them passing this ord. to keep people from parking their RV's & Boats in their own yards, which i also have mixed feelings about. the thing about this that really gets me, is that i watch a lot of video about china, & if you look at the way things work here & there, we are becoming more like their country & our country is becoming less free everyday, at a rate that is alarming, to say the least!
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    You'll be seeing a lot more of this. In case the mainstream media hasn't told you, our government is broke, more than broke, TRILLIONS in debt. They're going to look for any way to suck more and more money out of you because our "elected" officials and bureaucrats don't know how to balance the public checkbook. You should be disgusted. I just wish more people, or preferably everybody, would follow the libertarian view and simply ignore the government until it goes away or at least shrinks to a more reasonable size.

    I say everybody in those towns with a junk car drive down to city hall and park it on their grass, open the oil drain plug and coolant hoses and walk away. These criminals don't deserve any of your money or your time.
  6. Hi crazeehorse,

    No real reasons were given for my supposed violation other than a letter to me citing a violation of Charlottesville City Code Section 34-982 which basically says all off street parking needs to be asphalt or other surface resistant to erosion and acceptable to the city engineer....

    I can understand a city, town or county not wanting people tracking mud onto a road
    surface though (personally I don't want my vehicles muddy either)....BUT if a person doesn't track mud I don't see there being a legitimate problem.....In that case it is almost like outlawing something before it becomes a problem....Which I guess is maybe ultimately what a lot of laws do for better or worse....

    In my case, I used crush and run to fix previously existing graveled areas and even made some walkways to my shed out back ....I packed it tight and right with a backhoe so I believe I believe I should be fine ( many houses in my same neighborhood have gravel drives and even a new one that was recently built on the next street over) (Because of recent water restrictions on plant/lawn watering, I even graveled some other areas for a low maintenance "desert scape" type landscape).

    I think the thing that initiated the whole mess was when a delivery truck spilled a little of the stuff over on the neighbors yard....I was in the process of cleaning it up but the lady said she didn't want me near the fence for fear of messing it up (it's an old rusty bent up fence right on the property line grown up with some plants tangled in it....I don't know who's fence it is....been there since before I owned this house (been here since 1992 and it looked old back then!)....I was and still am willing to hand shovel half a wheel barrel load of spilled over material from the neighbors yard....

    I do run a lawn care business so there are a few things in back which have been OK'd by the previous Zoning person but now this new one is giving me grief over supposed parking issues...I dunno I guess they just have to respond to the neighbors "complaint"
    (FWIW I can see a legitimate reason to NOT to park a smelly garbage truck or leaky septic truck in a residential neighborhood...but I have nothing remotely like that going on)....

    Personally I see nothing wrong with parking one's own boat or RV in one's own backyard or yard.....but of course maybe it blocks a neighbors view and they'll raise a fuss with the powers that be and next thing you know you'll get a nice little letter or visit from "the man"....

    Hmmm neighbors and laws....well you know! ;-)