How strong are Elgin forks

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  1. MaxGlide

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    Just wondering how much I should trust the forks on my Elgin Whizzer? See the pics in "Whizzer on Elgin" post.

    As I zip along I can't help but worry about the strength of the forks and have visions of me doing the superman over the front.

    What do you all think about the possibility of these forks snapping? Anyone have experience with any kind of forks breaking?

    What would be good springer forks if I chose to replace them?

    What do you all think of these forks?

    Thanks once again for your help.


  2. MotoMagz

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    The forks you are considering are junk IMO.Venice Motorbikes sells this same fork that is beefed up.
  3. KilroyCD

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    That Monark-style fork on eBay would have to be beefed up in order to be safe on a Whizzer. As MotoMagz said, Venice Motorbikes sells the reinforced version. However, my thought is to look on eBay for the type many vintage Whizzers had, the Schwinn "Knee Action" fork. Here's one on eBay from a seller I'm familiar with, and he's a reliable guy:
    However, that fork has been welded at one of the axle holes.
    Here's another one:
    The chrome ones that look like the Schwinn springers are not as heavily made, and I wouldn't want to put one on a Whizzer (despite having that type on three other motorbikes).
  4. skrufryder

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    yeah those schwinn style"knee" forks have broken on me on my pedal bikes after some long use.... I like to realy bomb down the hills even with a little cruiser, but I have had a set that are on a MB for a year and havent broken yet:confused: I have a set of tripple tree down hill forks that are way better than the schwinn springer.... I am dying to get a hold of those monarc forks
  5. KilroyCD

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    The repro Schwinn-style knee forks that are out there (they're the chrome ones) are nowhere near as strong as the actual, vintage Schwinn springers like those I directed you towards. There are many, many vintage Whizzers still using those original forks. The key thing is to avoid the forks where the cross-bolt at the bottom of the head tube goes through the rear tubes of the fork. The original Schwinn springers have a thick band that wraps around the fork tubes at that point and there is a rectangular "tab" (flange might be a better way to describe it) sticking out the back of the band. The bolt goes through that tab/flange instead of through the tube itself. These springers are far stronger than the chrome knock-offs offered, and also stronger than the repro Monark forks.
  6. MaxGlide

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    Thanks Kilroy

    I have those on my watch list on Ebay and will see if I can pick up a set.

    Every time I ride my Whizzer I'm on edge with those Elgin forks.

    Thanks again.

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  7. KilroyCD

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    Wayne, looking at the forks on the 'before' and 'after' shots in the other thread leads me to ask this question. Is it the same set of forks? I ask that because of the different truss rods and the lack of the shoulder-mounted truss rod brackets. Also, it looks like the rake of the fork is a wee bit different, causing the fender to be closer to the down tube of the frame.
    Looking at your Elgin indicates to me that the frame is Murray-built. Murray and Columbia/Westfield made the majority of the Elgin bikes for Sears. Many of the salient features of the frame and chainring point to Murray. Regardless of whether it is a Murray or Columbia-built bike, both brands had good, strong forks. The truss rods also help reinforce the forks. You will, however, notice a remarkably improved ride quality with springer forks. Those good, strong and unsprung forks on your bike make you feel every bump, every tar strip, every anomaly in the road and undoubtedly makes you feel a bit ill at ease about riding them at speed. Unless the forks suffered some damage at some point I wouldn't worry too much about their strength.
  8. MaxGlide

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    HI Kilroy,

    The photo shows the bike when it had CW Shockmaster forks. There was a pair of original Elgin forks with it with the truss rods. I had them stripped down and they showed no cracks or wear points or previous damage. They also had no rust on them whatsoever, despite being original paint. You are right about feeling every bump. Roads here are pretty good but nonetheless when I hit a good one I cringe.

    Thanks.... Wayne