How the **** do you get the chain on a happy time?

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    OK, so the chain is actually too fat to fit over the engine the **** do you get it on. (Using a happy time)

    Also, while trying that out my dad decided we would have some quality father-son bonding before I went off to college and help me with the motored bike. His idea to get the chain on somehow involved removing the cylinder head, and the thing that goes over it...needless to say that's stuck open too.

  2. Parah_Salin

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    Jesus, doing the **** over "H" "E" "double hockey sticks"? it makes it look like I said something much worse
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    Take the magneto cover off and use a wrench to turn the engine over while you feed the chain on the sprocket.

    Make sure the chain is tensioned with minimal slack, it can (and will) bunch up under the cover and lock up your rear tire when you least expect it!
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    remove the spark plug so that you have no compression

    remove the sprocket cover that has 3 screws

    use the spark plug tool on the nut in the middle of the 10 tooth sprocket to rotate the front sprocket and feed the chain around it
    what is the thing that goes over the cylinder head?
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    you just need to push the clutch in and feed the chin with your finger by rotating the sprocket its a pain but its how its done! once you get it through pull it and connect it.
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    feel free to call me too and I will help you 406-581-3211