How thick is crank case gasket?


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May 29, 2007
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Dax would most likely have the answers to those questions. I hope thigs have smoothed out. I just used regular automotive gasket material and double layered it. Be careful though, I over tightend mine and squished out the gasket in some places.
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I'm with scottm,I used the same automotive gasket material and cut my own and have had no problem with it yet
Please don't do Mickey Mouse repair forum here :p. Ta... I know everybody use cardboard from cornflakes as gasket but I'd like to know clearly dimension of that gasket.

Should it be thicker than 2mm? Is it not be squeezed after montage to 1mm?

I don't know you are experts on this forum. So please help.

Be careful though, I over tightened mine and squished out the gasket in some places. - exactly it's looks It's can't be 2layer and should be glued like old one to crank.
I use the thickest gasket paper Auto zone sales on all the gaskets I have had to make.

I have read that cereal box works, but I use gasket paper
I dont know.

no help

maybe Mickey and the boys are how we got this far in the first place-
trial and error to triumph

is all about a slide rule and torque wrench?

I dont know that either.....
Base gasket thickness.

I hve not mic'ed them, tho I can, if I go out into the cold, and pull a gasket kit. I CAN tell you, without reservation, that I've used standard dark gray gasket paper sucessfully, and that ANYTHING relativelty the thickness of a match-book cover will work just fine. Ceral box, gasket material, cardstock about that thickness, ANY well made paper.

I have been making the occasional odd gasket since about 1965 and have had NO trouble with homemade gaskets as long as the heat/licquid perameters are correctly balanced.

Base gasket does NOT get hot like exhaust gasket, and does not get wet like Thermostat gasket!

I do, however, apply a nice coat of heavy grease to BOTH sides of any unglued paper gasket.

Wheather my 1938 Willys, or a chinese motorbicycle, it makes no difference! The gasket is there to take up the imperfections in the machined surfaces to complete the seal! This is not always true, as sometimes gaskets perform a "spacer" "Heat insulator" or "height adjustment" but in this case that is certainly not true.

Automotive type gasket paper is superior to cerial box, especially considering the density of the material itself.

I hope this helps you in your quandry!

Is it would be possible to measure by roler how thick is Crank Case Gasket? Anybody have spare one and can check it? Or even scan it.