HOW TO: .50 cal ammo can storage container for GEBE rack mount

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    on request from one of the other members here is a description of how I mounted my .50 ammo can on my GEBE rack mount. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to ask. Sorry for the sub-par pics but I dont have the time to take it apart or build another one. My daughter has been sick and my wife and I are swamped.

    Step 1)
    Acquire the materials...

    -find a 2 steel straps about 9 or 10 inches long and about 1.5 or 2 inches wide... needs to be steel because aluminum wont be strong enough.
    -4 bolts about 1.5- 2 inches long. Doesn't matter what size in width or thread pitch, but they should be strong enough to hold about 30-40 lbs.
    -about 10 large washers at least an 1.5 inches in diameter.
    -4 locking washers to match your 4 bolts
    -about 12 regular nuts for the bolts
    -ammo can
    -2 part epoxy
    -drill and drill bit to match size of bolt.
    -sand paper of roughly 220 grit or so
    -permanent marker
    -angle grinder or hacksaw

    Step 2)
    Prepare the straps by cutting them both to the inside height of the ammo can. Drill two holes somewhere in the middle of one strap about 3 of 4 inches apart, and about 7-8 inches on the other. (see picture in step3 for reference as it shows the separation on both the horizontal and vertical straps I chose for the bolts)

    Step 3)
    Using a strong epoxy (I used the 5000 lb, 5 min, 2 part epoxy from autozone), glue one of the steel straps vertically exactly in the middle of the inside of the ammo can as shown in the picture. (Before applying the epoxy, a slight scuff from the sandpaper on the steel strap and the ammo can paint will give the adhesive something to hold on to)

    Step 4)
    Use the same epoxy to glue the other strip on the outside of the ammo can in exactly the same spot except this time horizontally and somewhere about 1.5 - 2 inches blow the top of the can. At this point a clamp or some sort of device should be used to secure both steel straps while the epoxy cures. The goal of the steel straps is to give the bolts something to hold under stress... the thin tin would most likely just tear.

    inside, right side of can

    inside left side of can.

    Step 5)
    Using a permanent marker, the drill, and drill bit; mark the steel rack on your GEBE kit where you want your can to sit.

    Drill holes in the ammo can where you previously drilled out the holes in the steel straps... to make way for the bolts. (When you put your bolts through, makes sure that you put them in so that the head is on the inside of the can, not on the outside... and be sure to use a large washer on the inside of the can for stability).

    At this point your can should have 4 bolts sticking out... you need to cut two of them flush with their nuts. The two that need to be trimmed are the ones that run horizontally on the outside strap that you glued about 1.5 inches from the top. They are only there to provide structural rigidity, not to mount the can to the GEBE rack. Leave the other two bolts at length because you will need them to mount your can.

    Step 5)
    Use the remaining large washers and nuts to secure your can to your GEBE rack. In this order I used a large washer on the inside of the can, a large washer on the outside of the can, a nut, large washer, then put the bolts through the holes in the GEBE rack, a large washer, locking washer, and then another nut.

    Step 6)
    I used some black drawer liner and spray glue to pad the inside of the can... only optional for those carrying fragile equipment they don't want damaged.

    here is how it should look when you are done....
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    Thanks Vtec
    I appreciate you taking the time to make detail instructions.
    Looks good!
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    no problem...