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    This link is a very good start to understanding what Robert Menard understands about being a Freeman on the Land. I think it has most all his movies. I have seen another "Security of the Person" video, but I think the one on this page is probly a bit better than the other. I highly recommend you guys take notes with pen and paper if you actually decide to watch all 10 or so hours of his videos... just a fair warning, because you'll regret not taking notes afterwards.

    Here's some great info and examples found at this "Library", but you must register on the site first and your account must then be approved. I have copied and pasted a super condensed, yet complete Notice of Understanding & Intent and Claim of Right from this library so that you guys can get an idea of what this guy is talking about most of the time:

    Then there are two Freeman forums to ask and answer questions: Forum 1 & Forum 2.

    So many things to take away from this. Several things might not transfer over to U.S. Courts, but the majority of it should. :smash: I'm proud to be a sovereign... where at least I know I'm a Freeman. :sunny:

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    You crack me up.

    Like I've said many times before - CHOOSE A LANE!

    You're like a squirrel on crack crossing a 8 lane highway! :)
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    I'm going to check this out as I am "a man of my own mind", I'll get back to you in a few days to see if my life has been changed in any way. Thanks for all the links.
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    I'm not sure what that means. All lanes are pointing toward the Constitution, which was designed to protect the security and liberty of every human being... therefore providing us with peace and abundance.

    The Government denies us our self-evident, inalienable rights, which should ONLY be taken away from God Himself. Did the Founding Fathers give us a way out? Yes they did!

    The lane I'll stick with is the path to truth. Knowing about honor -vs- dishonor helps out A TON when a cop TELLS you to step out of your vehicle. Simply saying no is dishonorable. Simply ignoring him is dishonorable. What *is* honorable is to ask him what evidence he has that you are not acting lawfully? That's all it takes.

    What's crazy is that the Government has created this "Magnificent Deception". That you are a person, an artificial person, a made-up fictional person.... that's crazy! That there are two Constitutions -- one for the humans who live and travel across this country's land *and* one for the UNITED STATES corporation and its employees... that's crazy! That all of the money that you pay into the IRS and/or CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) ends up going to the IMF (International Monetary Fund) in the long run, NOT your individual country... that's crazy! That each new birth certificate essentially activates your USA employment status and actually provides the government with a "bond tracking number" in order to grow the economy by accepting money from the Federal Reserve and spending it on your behalf... that's crazy!

    How many lanes must a man walk down, before he realizes he's a Freeman?
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    If you went to court over a "criminal" proceeding, most people would laugh at you for even trying to defend yourself. BUT... if you are truly a mature and responsible Freeman, then you understand that your list of responsibilities includes the duty to defend yourself from unconstitutional laws/acts/statutes/orders/etc. If you obey your master, consent to something you disagree with, submit to authority that doesn't actually exist, etc.... you are clearly not free.


    And when people realize that we outnumber cops/lawmakers/officials by 1,000 to 1, and we all start pleading Not Guilty (at least to "crimes" where there is no accuser, other than the State) and asking what certain words mean and asking what is truly just (i.e. - why is tobacco/alcohol legal, but marijuana illegal?)... we might actually all be free to worry about things that don't concern a few people (NWO) controlling everybody else in the world.
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    AG, best one I've heard you come up with yet!!! Keep patience with him, his opinions will change!

    Thanks for the post Sparky, honestly might be a while before I get into it. But your right about sticking up for yourself. Many people don't know their rights and its having a detrimental effect upon our Country!

    It's funny to watch Cop's and see peoples rights be trampled. They train them to use every inch of the law to do so. Not what our founding Father's had in mind!
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    Much like communism has become "progresivism", it appears that anarchists have used the Alinsky model to become "freemen". By your own definition, the only "free" people in the world are Hugo Chavez, Kim Jong Il, Fidel Castro, etc.

    He's a communist, no wait a socalist, no - he's a communist libertatrian, but hold on - he's a "freeman".

    puhleeeese! :ack2:
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    Sparky, welcome to the Conservative side of the world, we believe in the letter of the Constitution, as written. We are at war with the Liberals, Progressives, Marxist, Socialist, Fascist, whatever they call themselves today.
    They all believe in the wonder of ever greater government, playing an ever greater roll in your life, usurping your God given rights daily. The only God these people have is government and the power it can take at the point of a gun.

    The Fascist Obama is leading this charge, the ultimate goal is the dismantling of the Bill of Rights by legal manipulation and regulation, making them redundant. Settle down with us before you get run over on that 8 lane highway.
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    Read carefully kerf, it looks like "freemen" think that the constitution is something that shackles you. The "freemen" constitution is probably one of those "living" documents that changes whenever Saprky wants it to change.
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    I not talking about the Freemen, I talking about Sparky and his sudden interest in limited government. You don't need a video or some "new idea" to have this philosophy, the Founders have written it down for us in OUR Constitution, that's the source we should look to.

    Truth is Sparky saw something flashy, jumped up and ran after it. When he finds that there's a hook in it, he'll be singing songs of praise to the Fuhrer before he knows it.
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    America: Freedom To Fascism

    I'd heard about this movie many times before, and I'd downloaded it to watch it... but I never got around to it until right now, and I'm still not even half way thru it. Talks about how the majority of people don't need to pay the federal income tax. In the tax code it specifically states that it's voluntary. And that the 16th amendment didn't change anything about the powers congress has to tax people -- direct taxes (i.e. - income tax) must be apportioned, and all indirect taxes must be the same (uniform) throughout all the states. We know this from Supreme Court rulings, which are cited in the movie, and are the final say so and what is and isn't constitutional. And the other biggie is that the meaning of income, in terms of law, is your profit. Wage labor is something you exchange for money... but that money is not considered profit.

    Buying some gasoline, cigarettes, & beer and then selling them yields a profit. That is what commerce is. Commerce is "buying AND selling", so if you only do one, you're not engaging in commerce. Simply growing tobacco and selling it is not engaging in commerce. You have bought seeds, then put hard labor into growing the tobacco... you have added real value thru hard work. The fruits of your labor are not profitable because of the time you put into it. A corporation, on the other hand, that is doing the same thing (growing tobacco) is profitable... and rightly so. The corporation itself is buying the tobacco from the employees, who are actually growing the tobacco, and then selling them to whomever they need to sell 'em too.
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    Sparky, let me make a suggestion here - you try and implement these notions, and as/when you are able, blog it somewhere. I expect there'll be a several year void in that blog - you don't get internet access in prison.
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    There's testimony in the video already. Nothing to blog about.

    I'm not one to let someone bully me around, but if I can avoid the bullying... well, golly, I'll avoid it.
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    well it starts out and says that this video is not for anyone who is

    happy with their status quo -- so I didn't watch it...........

    perfectly happy on top this mountain top
    love my wife
    love our church
    enjoy my worked 32 years for retirement check each month
    our -- paid for home
    two goats
    two dogs
    one kitty
    30 mile view
    one rock in the yard -- 20 someTHING feet high
    motorhome Jeep truck motorized bicycle
    long dirt road

    this is what we call being blessed -- would not wish to change a THING
    do I deserve it -- no -- not one is good according to the Bible -- I agree
    looking back at my wicked past -- easy to see there's a Mighty One up there
    I could not have done this on my own

    and it's truly not mine -- just on loan from God -- will not be taking it with me...

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    Believe us, Mountainman... if there's anything we know about you, it's that your motto is "Ignorance is bliss."
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    Word of caution. When you get to the "joint" and it sounds like you're on your way, if you drop the soap in the shower, just leave it.
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    Interestingly, I'm gonna start taking some of this stuff REALLY slow. Not the typical sparky fashion of running across all 8 lanes without looking...

    I think I'm gonna start simply with traveling in a vehicle that is not registered with the state. And since my vehicle is already registered, that means I'd have to unregister it.

    Anyway, I started looking over the MS Code and I see all these sections defined as LAWS.... "Highway Safety Patrol and Driver's License Law of 1938", "Mississippi Driver License Compact Law", "Uniform Highway Traffic Regulation Law", "Mississippi Implied Consent Law", etc...

    That really tripped me up, I'm supposed to be looking for statutes! So, I finally check out the beginning of the MS Code right after the MS Constitution...

    Amazing!! MS Code is just a collection of statutes. Beautiful. Then I see this other version that seems like it's missing a bit and has totally dropped the intent that these are just statutes...

    Looks like it's totally different, but it clearly calls itself an ACT, which is a more deceiving term for statute. Heck, even the URL has "statutes" right in it. Then there's this other section repealing the intent that these are just statutes...

    Very, very deceiving.

    So, basically, these statutes are only laws whenever I agree that they are. Statutes are "a legislative rule of society given the force of Law by consent of the governed". So if I do not consent... I will be able to travel in a vehicle without needing to register it with [read: "submit to"] the government. I already have the right to travel, I don't need to ask for permission to travel. "I have no master."

    My mom finally cared to play devil's advocate for a minute around Thanksgiving time, when I was blurting all this stuff out to as many family members as I could. They had no rebuttal, lemme put it to you like that. Anyway, my mom finally got the point that she, as a tax accountant, is taking money from people and giving it to the IRS, who them gives it to the International Monetary Fund (IMF). I told her this several times a few months ago and she just didn't believe me. She finally looked it up for about 10 minutes and then flipped the "I'd rather be ignorant" switch on like it was hurting her too much.

    Oh well, a lot of this stuff is finally starting to make sense to me. I feel as if the shackles have been released... and I'm really FREE!!
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    Good morning my friends. It's with heavy heart that I must tell you that Sparky will be gone for awhile. While we will miss him during his 3 - 7 year state sponsored vacation, rejoice, he will be eligible for parole after 18 months.
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    im gonna side with sparky on this one.