How to break away chain links

chain gang

There is a specific tool for bikes, I think called a chain breaker Park tools have a good product. Otherwise it is pain to use a punch and hammer

Best way

A John Deer mechanic thought me how to do it. First you sand down a side of one of the links so that it is flush with the chain then you take a punch and a hammer and knock it out.
I have alot of excess chain and I dont know how to break them apart
A heavy duty chain breaker is the tool.
I am done breaking my chain and have it installed before that guy got his jig setup ;-}


$25 and it will handle 415 and 41 chain with ease, it will NOT however do the smaller 410 chain without a thinner punch part.
I have a regular bicycle chain breaker for that, but it won't do 415.

Chain Tip:
Run your chain around the engine sprocket until the top part is a 1/2 way down the back of the back sprocket.
Then pull the bottom side up around the sprocket to get your length.

BUT, you need the end links to be the small ends on each end so you can put a master in.
Get as close as possible but go long to the end with the small end, you can tensioner the rest out.