how to build a bike larger than 80cc

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    Hey, I've been contemplating building a new bike for a while. And, i've herd about people building bike over 80cc before but i can't find any kits bigger than 80cc. I really want to build one out of a 200cc 4 stroke. It seems like the perfect mixture of speed and torque. I want to mount it in the frame but i could put it behind the seat. If there are kits for bigger than 80 could someone please tell me. If not can somebody tell me what to get and what to do. I'm not entirely sure what to do. Thanks.

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    no kits
    nothing to do but be content with what's available
  3. 66cc can be plenty fast for a bicycle! 35 mph is plenty!
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    Gasbike sells a kit for the 212, but its really not necessary.
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    You don't need a 212.
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    Basically the whole thing with 212's is this. You don't need just the parts to mount the engine and make it work. Those engines are torque monsters. So in addition to the parts to make the engine work, you also need the strongest frame, wheels and brakes you can find. Mechanical discs are a minimum, and hydraulic discs are recommended. No wallyworld frames and no $30 wheels are going to cut it. If you want a little more power, little more speed and much better reliability, get a 79cc predator.
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    I've built a bike with a 212 and it's just not worth it. the thing is huge and heavy and it's not terribly hard to make 6 horses with a china girl
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    200cc on a Dyno frame built in Florida to race.

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    Racer #3 Scotto's 212 cc in a stock Felt Bixby cruiser frame.

    Makes over 20 HP reliably race after race.