How to build a boost bottle



Hi folks I found this thread at another site and thought it was interesting. Id like to see what you guys think so here it is.

Theres much talk about building a boost bottles. Id like to get some input. When building a boost bottle it seams in general most people have stated that the bottle should be built to the size of your engine. So if you have a 26cc engine the bottle should be 26cc in volumn. Some believe it should be slightly larger maybe 2cc others dont. But my real question is when your building the bottle do you take into account the length of the hose. For instance 12 inches of 1/4 ID hose is approx 9.5cc. So do I take that into account when building the bottle and reduce the size of the bottle by 9.5cc to acomidate the hose. I purchased a juice box in the past for another scooter I had and did measure the volumn. That particular juice box was for a 49cc engine. The volumn was 49cc when I did check it. But the Juice box is part of the manifold and doesnt require a hose to connect the two. Thanks in advance for any and all input.