how to build good frames you can throw around like a bmx

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    ever since I got into these I've been making frames a full size mtb is the last thing I'd ever want to ride off road.
    I'm a dirt bike / BMX guy the mtb seat hight is way to high for a bike so light when I ride full size dirt bikes it's OK because I have the power to throw the bike.

    For someone like me the best way to build a frame is grab a 24" bmx or a 26" dirt jump frame. Then cut the down tube at the BB and 6 to 8" from the head tube then bolt your engine to the seat tube and weld the down tube at whatever angle fits. throw in a bottom tube and you done.

    as far as durability I've jumped 7 sets (stairs) with mine and it's Flux core mig welded. you are still limited in what you can do no insane stuff just jumps and whips 13662190_10209930252395875_6268621623192878643_o.jpg 20160711_190000.jpg