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    As you can tell from past posts, I am wordy. About the same time as Tom was building this site, I was re-connecting to the web, after a 7 year hiatus. And I'm old school, Texas Instrument 99 4 a (purchased for $250 dollars ONE WEEK before the price dropped to $99). The Atari/Commadore bulletin board days, Novell/rings/3 levels of dBase before finding Borland Paradox was better.

    So, while Tom was attracting his first members, I was blindly searching for where the free-thinkers of MB were gathered, the meditations I get aboard Rocinante (Don Quixote's "Greatest of all Nagx") are really fun, thousands of reasons, plenty of ideas.

    The funny thing is when I looked up Motorized Bikes on Wikipedia, if you look at the discussion/history, IT LOOKS LIKE THE MOST CONTENTIOUS POST IN THE HISTORY OF WIKIPEDIA.

    Yesterday, when a robot/idiot was detected, democracy prevailed, he was identified/booted out by Tom. All's I hope, is if that verification is used, please make it NOT upper/lower case specific, my eyesight suffers.

    But the "topic" remains, and as more and more users come on board, hundreds of topics might arise, making info less handy.

    There are going to be Golden Eagle specific folks, and GEBE is not paying me to help the users, and I am guilty of taking squeaky brake pads to my grinder to solve twenty minutes of spacing and adjustment.

    Then that guy causing all the Wikipedia dispute, from Ontario with his electric motors will come aboard, and THAT historical dispute looks like one I will snipe at from behind the trees.

    Down the road, this whole under 50 cc/over 50 cc thing will become a differentiation for legal disputes in Tuscon and Topeka.

    This morning I had to explain "Benedictines for Peace" in another forum, and I am not out to convince anybody of anything, just assembling the "bicycle meditations" with the Utopian dream.

    SO, I hope we can keep this COOL forum neat and tidy to ease Tom's moderation. When enough GEBE folks arrive, we will petition Tom for a "group", to solve GEBE issues, not clutter up all the general areas.

    Fully recognizing you 80 cc are the majority, I'm not "selling GEBE", IN FACT NEVER WANT TO DEAL WITH A NOVICE/WINDOW SHOPPER. Learn the hard lessons yourself, dude, I only pass on ideas that work, scrap stupidity and obvious questions pretty quick.

    The common denominator is BIKES, and I figure once I give my rear tire seminar, and you add your suggestions, anybody needing complete tire knowledge will find it under "Building the Indestructible Tire for $50".

    And I don't want to clog the topics myself, think I might post that durn manifesto I wrote this morning under one of my earlier topics.

    I just write this to say if we jointly agree on a Utopian Forum, helping Tom keep it tidy, and MILLIONS of potential users find this "Source of All Knowledge", it won't prevent us from making it effective. I mean, once you get the Estonian road racers, the Bulgarian pornsites will quickly follow, then the Chinese dating services.

    A MOTOR and PEDALS, the two requirements. MoPeds begone, surely they can find their own forum.

    Because when you think of the potential: Scenic/regional route suggestion, trailer assembly, blinkers that really WORK and don't shake the batteries out at the first bump, etc.etc.etc.

    I throw the matter up for discussion, WHAT IS OUR DEFINITION OF A MOTORIZED BICYCLE, and do we allow tricycles? I have no problem with them, in fact have to build my first one within weeks for a guy in B'ham, and will NEED YOUR HELP.

    This "topic" is for we early on members to express what we would like the forum to be, how we can help Tom keep it "easy", then when he sell's out the site for a gazillion dollars, maybe he'll buy us a lunch.



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    Should we allow electric motorized bicycles too? I think we should.

    I would say that a motorized bicycle is any vehicle that was at one time not powered by an engine and now is.

    I don't think we will have a problem with go-ped guys, as they have a pretty huge forum for themselfs.

    Although I think we should support all forms of alternate transportation, as that is one of my objectives with this website.
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    Paul , I ride and build those little rice burning 80cc I do not consider my self a novice/window shopper and a site that is open to any and all motorized bikes is good. even those eagle things.

    "just write this to say if we jointly agree on a Utopian Forum, helping Tom keep it tidy, and MILLIONS of potential users find this "Source of All Knowledge", it won't prevent us from making it effective. I mean, once you get the Estonian road racers, the Bulgarian pornsites will quickly follow, then the Chinese dating services."

    I am on several other sites and know a couple wonderful guys that race these bikes in Estonia and personally I resent you insinuating that they would have anything to do with porn sites these guys are great guys that love their family's and show off pics of their kids on bikes, they share their knowledge and have even sent parts to a guy that needed some Russian motor parts and they did that for free not even postage.


    "Quemadmoeum gladius neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."
    ("A sword is never a killer, it's a tool in the killer's hands.") -
    Lucius Annaeus Seneca "the Younger" (ca. 4 BC-65 AD).
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    I don't mean to disparage the Estonians, and you raise an interesting issue, helping international folks WITHOUT tariffs (it has to do something with complete kits versus parts).

    What the issue was on Sunday an XXX guy got on board, I guess I saw it first and said "boot the bastard", itzbenz seconded the motion, and when Tom came on, he promptly booted the bastard.

    But the XXX topic, and our replies remain. I don't know how Tom's dashboard works, but part of the reason I saw the yahoo motorized groups laying idle was all the "I met my mate...." and "make money stuffing envelopes....." topics cluttering the sites.

    Tom's definition of "what a motorized bike is" is of value, I was just noting how ONE guy on Wikipedia caused ten pages of legal/definition wrangling. Electric is fine, but something is happening in Topeka regarding a legal loophole about over 30 mph/no transmission, and if and when I pass through Topeka, I want to know if there is a roadblock specific to motorized bike caused by one crazy electric motor guy.

    What I am meaning by "window shopping" is we share the freedom, and see the litter and interesting roadkill, don't have to relate that shared experience.

    I let customers ride a demo bike, they all come back with smiles, no use explaining, I just crank it up and tell them to ride.

    IF we can make THIS forum the "source of all MB knowledge", without cluttering XXX and pranksters, and IF Venezuela turns off the tap and $5 gas becomes reality, THOUSANDS ARE GOING TO VISIT.

    Tom sells the site to TimeWarner, retires a young man, moves to Tahiti, leaving us leaderless.

    My concern is this: I have put bikes in eleven counties, not enough to make a dent, but still ONE day a meddling do-good town council is going to institute restrictions, a la Tuscon, not a good precedent.

    I've already put your 1903 law in my portfolio, can't pay an attorney to fight city hall, but definitely BLUFF VIA NEWSPAPER, "your town council is about to waste THOUSANDS of tax dollars defending this restriction all the way to the Supreme Court".

    Music on: Jerry Garcia, "test me, test me, go ahead and arrest me."

    IF this forum is "source of all knowledge", and is valid because thousands of Bulgarian porn stars aren't voting on Tom's polls", and the 1903 law can be precedented, I might just bluff through it, keep Northern Alabama free of restrictions.

    We all know how to beat the 30 mph restriction, but my dragstrip boys are putting in 103 octane, trying to pop wheelies, get them off the ground because I may have said "the Wright Brothers engine at Kitty Hawk was smaller than this thing".

    My error, misinformation, but still I can't let them get in hot water because some two bit town has a 49 cc definition (which we beat) combined with a 20 mph speed law (which we can't cuz radar said 41 mph). I mean, we can say the radar was really clocking a passing bird, or had faulty batteries, but......

    THE SOURCE OF ALL KNOWLEDGE I hope this forum becomes will allow me to bluff my way through legalese against Constitutional Freedoms, (ALWAYS THREATEN TOWN HALL IN FEDERAL COURTS, NOT STATE). It is a slow, expensive arena any town hall would probably avoid.

    I just want Tom to retire as a rich young man, that's basically it, and when he is sipping Mai-Tai's, his goldmine is still helping poor little me "fight the man", because we communally had the foresight to create a very useful "source of all information", legitimate or not.
  5. Cookie

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    BAMA :)

    Bama heheehe I am in LSU country soooooooo I know about dirty politics
    and playing with town councils I personally am classified as a Jeffersonian Constitutionalist so I image you and I are going to have some fun talks.

    A lot of the sites I am on have a sign in code you have to type in in order to get on line it seems there are a lot of porn sites that just scan the net looking and signing in to sites I know it is a pain in the butt but it is just one of those things. personally I do not like YAHOO and do not go on their sites but there are some good sites out there one that I like a lot is the motokruser site I have been there for a yr. now and have told them about this site and talk about them here I think Tom is now a member is always good to see both sides of the coin before you do something.

    Last year we heard about the ban on 2 cycle motors and called the EPA and raised what hell we could but there just was not enough of us but we are learning how to work in the system

    You are right about these bikes you can be mad as hell when you get on one but after the first 5 min when you get off you have a big smile on your face. Better than any drug I know of but then again I am an adrenalin junkie.

    I do not like letting people have a demo ride right now. we had a lady that said she rode fat boys but when she got on the bike she ran it into a wall it seems she did not know how to turn a bike ......blond to the toe nails!!!! she messed up her face (she ran her face down the wall) and tore up my bike (My boy friend let her ride it she was about my height and she did not know how to use the hand breaks).

    You keep talking about Tuscon can you send a hyper link so I can see what they are doing I hate to talk about things and not know all the facts.

    Around here during and after Katrina the cops found out how useful the bikes are .....during the feeder showers we had to go to the house (I forgot my meds a duaa moment) we where going where the cop cars could not ...guess that makes us RIDERS IN THE STORM :) after the hurricane we where running gas , chain saws, checking on people , and anything else we could all on the bikes and with our trailers we could carry a lot of water and foos stuff.
    we where going where the rescue units could not go but it never made the news , there is that special feeling knowing you where part of the solution not the problem.

    Cookie some cool sites >>>
  6. Cookie

    Cookie Guest


    My concern is this: I have put bikes in eleven counties,

    ??????? what countries have you put bikes in ???? these bikes have been popular in europe since befor wwI they where invented in the USA in 1903 and where at their hight in the late 50's early 60's

    Back in the 60's when I was in the south east asian theater complaments of the USAF there where motorised bikes all over the place. That iswhere we got the idea to start making them when the gas prices started hitting 2.00 a gal. my boufriend was in Germany and he rode them there.

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    Tuscon (one of about twenty articles googlealerts clogged me with), Oct 2 is this television report:

    As to the second post, eleven countIES, not countRIES. Cullman/Blount/Marshall/Walker/Morgan/Jefferson/Shelby/St.Clair/Etowah/Madison and Winston.

    On my Florida trip, I found myself breakfasting Saturday in Nashville, GA, at the agricultural awards breakfasts at the Dinner Bell (all you can eat $5). They were already sat down and eating when I pulled in, leaned the bike on the flower pot in front of the front window.

    The only table was squarely in the middle, against the wall, and this tech school teacher was filming the speeches, that county was #1 in agriculture in Georgia.

    We talked while I eat the first plate, the speeches start and I humbly, smelling like campfire smoke, have to squeeze through the packed throng for plates 2 and 3. On the third plate, the teacher says something like, "This fellow with the bike parked out front is from the #1 agricultural county in Alabama". Well, that got my breakfast paid for, and then they started asking questions about the bike.

    I said "tax deductible, I round up my goat herd with one, a cattle farmer checks four pastures with his". But the topic somehow got to how this county was 2/3 hours from Pensacola, 2/3 hours from Brunswick GA on the Atlantic, central to two potential hurricane areas, and I said "buy a few for your boy scout troops, and if the power goes down for weeks on the coastlines, use them to help scout areas in relief effort".

    Think if hundreds of bikes were in the Katrina/Rita evacuation, 15 wide on the interstate.

    I am thinking of visiting the Florida Keys and Gulf Coast area this winter. These tax deductible "usefulnesses" are some of about twenty my "bicycle meditations" have dreamed up.

    I mean, if this isn't the basic HYBRID vehicle, what is?

    (And Flintstones footbraked car doesn't count).
  8. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    bike speed

    OK I read the law they are trying to pass has anyone brought to the attention of the city councel that most compatition bikers cruse at 20 mph and that is just on leg power weird helmet and tight shorts..... in other words are these bikers that have nothing but muscel and bone power going to have to regester their bikes ??? In othe words a little research on the average bike speed on a racer with some one that is in moderate shape some guys around here can get up to 40mph.

    Get a lawyer and a copy of the city charter find out how to bring this to the attention of the board (but first get a bunch of the non motorised bikers mad about the bike LOL)

  9. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    red gone blond

    As to the second post, eleven countIES, not countRIES. Cullman/Blount/Marshall/Walker/Morgan/Jefferson/Shelby/St.Clair/Etowah/Madison and Winston.

    DUHHHHH this red head had a blond moment lolol :lol:
  10. Tom

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    I am mad about it. I know a bunch of road bikers (the guys with the tight shorts and no engine) and they say they reach speeds of up to 55mph, and average at least 25 on a long bike ride.

    What a stupid law. Some animals can run faster than 20mph. Birds can fly faster than 20mph. Do they have to be registered and insured also?
  11. bamabikeguy

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    I already know, with a little creativity, we can cause tidal waves, not ripples.

    Let's say you, Cookie, in your "spokeswoman" role, slipped a note to the Tuscon newspaper.

    And we need a myth, let's just use the US versus Aussies coast to coast challenge in 2007, it's not official, but I'm psyching up anyway.

    And let's pretend that the new Tuscon legislation has become a hot topic amounst the hundreds/maybe thousands of semi-affluent participants, and that the Australians have already proposed avoiding Arizona all together, not just Tuscon.

    And that the east coast folks doing the whole two month tour are thinking of joining the Australian boycott, just do 47 states, and leave Hawaii/Alaska and Arizona out.

    And the reason you are writing is for clarification, what is the "problem" that they have, what studies proved their arguement, how disappointed you are having such fond childhood memories of the Grand Canyon, hate that the Aussies are going to miss it .......

    That reporter will spill all the info in one big blurt. Tell the reporter to fill you in via an e-mail, WHAT'S THE POOP, SCOOP?

    He/she will weasel out that town council with a little flattering "Request for information so I can cool the Aussies off".

    Just a thought :wink:
  12. istbenz

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    i think that is a fabulous idea! if they are gonna be peckerheads about biking we might as well play the game. :twisted: that's the way things are gonna happen and we have to use the resources (the hungry press peeps) to our advntage. way to go.

    by the way, i think a spokeswoman is a great idea.
  13. bamabikeguy

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    Oh young Jacksonian,

    You don't know how much fun mischievous Jeffersonians can have.

    Cookie will let the poor reporter worry a bit, then in another week or so say some NY attorneys on bikes are contemplating a "disruption of interstate commerce" clause against Tuscon specifically, because of the thousands of dollars being staked and wagered.

    A week later: Does Tuscon know how much a federal lawsuit costs to defend? How easy a "cease and desist" order is to generate with NY lawyers?

    2 weeks later: And that doesn't include all the lost tourist dollars, because we only eat at locally owned diners......

    The sky's the limit.....when bullshit is flying....
  14. istbenz

    istbenz Guest

    let it fly!
  15. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

    viva la revultion!!!

    Geeeeeeee guys I get sick and get off the site a few days and find out I am leading a revolution LOL
    The ones we need to get are the ones that live in tuson and send them as much info as we can get.
    When is this law comming up for the vote?
    can anyone get the phone # of the guy they intervewed??
    who brought this up to the councel?
    in other words anyone here live in tuson ???
  16. Tom

    Tom Active Member

    Seriously, this is potentially big news! This better not get passed and start a trend. That would ruin everything!
  17. ranzchic

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    A separate section for Electric bicycles would be cool as well. I own one and is interested in general about motorized bikes, gas powered or not.
  18. Tom

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    Good idea, I will add another section
  19. Cookie

    Cookie Guest

  20. bamabikeguy

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    This "definition" is really coming together.

    "Light" versus "regulated". On the scale of "characteristics" we REALLY ARE leaning toward bicycles/the UNmoped.

    TWalker earlier, and rightly so, said turn the engine off when in a serious speedtrap. Smoky Bear has his windows up (according to Click and Clack the Tappet Bros, aerodynamics PREVENT new models from driving with a window down, because of a vacuum causing accoustic nightmare effects).

    But really bicycle laws apply more than anything else.

    Wiggling out of the 80 cc bugaboo MIGHT be eased with a small "inspection sticker" that specifies "47.5" cc. I mean, you won't testify under oath that the thing is under 50cc, but simply point to the inspection sticker and say "I dunno, whaddaya think?".