How to buy a Whizzer?

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  1. Jim_teacher

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    I am looking into buying a whizzer...
    My choices, as I see them (and please, do suggest!):
    1) Buy a new ambassador.
    Q: Will it run well, and what should I do out of the box?
    2) Buy a used one (ambassador) and put in a new engine.
    Qs: What years should I look for and what engine should I use?

    Things: I will be doing some mountain roads (read: steep) and want to hit the road running! I have considered other bikes (for example Tomos) and motorbicycles but Whizzer seems like a good choice for the price point and performance, as well as mileage and fun, safety features (brakes, wheels) etc etc etc...

    Comments? Please help me to clarify this for myself!
    THANKS GUYS AND GALS!!! :jester:

  2. Golddustpeak

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    Where are you located?

    That might help as well...
  3. Jim_teacher

    Jim_teacher New Member

    I'm in S.Cal.
    Lots of parts and some used ones :D
    Just didnt' know what way to approach it, thanks....
  4. A whizzer quandry

    Hi Jim, the new edition Ambassador was never certified for California, I am a Whizzer Dealer and know this to be true.

    So, there is an easy answer to your Ambassador question, and that is do not buy one, as it is considered an illegal motorcycle in CA. Cannot be brought into CA legally, nor licensed here legally. In addition, IF you had over 7,000 miles on a used one, it would license, insure, and operate as a low-power Motorcycle.

    I hope this helps you,

  5. august

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    This is my opinion only. If you want to do steep roads, look at something else. My Whizzer and most others I have heard of won't hardly pull the hat off your head from a stop, and not much better after moving.

    Not trying to badmouth any product, just giving my own experience.
  6. Do some more research...

    Don't know if what my experience was anything but trial & error. (mostly error) If you want reliable trans. Whizzer would be your absolute worst choice. Check this bike out if you need reliable transportation.

    I love my -broken down most of the time Whizzer -: but if I had to rely on it for my livelyhood - -- - ..... Maybe have to roll it off the tallest cliff. You live in SOCAL better learn to repair it. If you find a good shop please let me know about it. You will spend endless hours of enjoyment & several hundred $$ overcoming the poor quality that you read about in this forum. They do have their appeal though. I can't seem to get over it.

    Bottom line is do you want trans or a constant project? There are lots of folks here to help with the project part. Just be ready with your $$ and you too,, could be the next source of income for the motored bike dealer.

    Who knows you may already be one.....
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  7. go-rebels

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    I agree. My Whizzer has been down for over two months with a rear hub problem during a change to a used Shimano unit.

    For regular transportation in a small size 'Scooter', I would look into one of the new 250cc Vespas. I really like the GTS250/300 and the GTV250 for the retro look. These bikes are 4-cycle with fuel injection and a top speed near 90mph. Used 250's sell for $4000-4500 and a brand new GTV sells for $6900 but they're as reliable as a new car. Here's a link: GTV 250