How to check how much fuel do you have

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by Carlos motors, Dec 31, 2016.

  1. Carlos motors

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    I was wondering has any of you managed to make something so you can see how much fuel do you have without looking in fuel tank cause a lot of time i go somwhere and totally forgot to check the fuel and i ran out of far away from home.

  2. Steve Best

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    Tee your fuel line and run one clear line length up higher than the tank.
    Fasten it well and plug it with a restrictive filter, even a fine carb jet, to minimize spills during a tip over.
    The clear line will show the level inside the tank.

    We had thousands of these set up on the gearboxes in the factory I worked in.
    Here is an overly complicated example. Not so many fittings needed:
    Most just ran the clear line directly up and had two red lines painted on the gearbox for oil level.
    No need for the olive and ferrule fittings, there is little pressure.

  3. gary55

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    We used something along the same concept (water level) to make bench marks for long runs of parapet walls when their was no instrument available. I remember wanting to learn how to use one when I first started const. so I asked my foreman "how does a water level work"? He said exactly.
  4. Frankenstein

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    Stupidly enough I open my gas cap and look in.

    Is this really a performance mod or am I hallucinating again.
  5. butre

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    well if you run out of gas then you won't have much performance.

    I use a simple sight gauge made of 2 90 degree brass fittings and a section of clear fuel line
  6. butre

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    this isn't my photo but it works the same way as what I've got. the level of fuel in the tubing will be the same as the level in the tank.
  7. butre

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    here's another picture I found of one in use on an airplane. if airplane people are using it, you know it's simple, functional, and reliable.
  8. Frankenstein

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    My fuel-less performance levels are perfectly fine tanks!
  9. AutOtaku

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    wait till you run out and have to pedal!