how to detune hua sheng

Discussion in '4-Stroke Engines' started by wog383, May 26, 2011.

  1. wog383

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    How can I make my hua sheng less power as I been summoned to court for an unlicensed moped cause the copper deemed it too powerful?

  2. MotoMagz

    MotoMagz Member could mess with the throttle linkage so full throttle is only half throttle..But first I would check your local laws to see if you are ok with a 49cc motor
  3. bigkahuna

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    If the courts down under are anything like up here, I suspect they'll go by whatever is printed on the plate (or manufacturer's specs) irregardless of what you may do to de-tune the engine.
  4. darwin

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    WOG if you remove the plastic shroud and lower the tank that motor looks 40% smaller.
  5. DuctTapedGoat

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    Australia is about wattage - and on a gas motor, it has to be on a dyno to find out the wattage. So you could tune it down and have them put it on a dyno to prove it. If they're going to enforce the wattage law - they need a way to prove it, which means they pay to have it tested.
  6. Greybeard

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    Find a way to restrict the exhaust. Maybe a washer between the head and muffler. Get a new gasket and cut it out for the washer to fit so it wont stress the bolts when you bolt the muffler back on. It won't make much power exhausting through a 3/8ths hole.
  7. loquin

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    In AU, the limit is 200 watts, correct? That's only about 1/4 HP... :-(
  8. rustycase

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    There is nothing practical you can do to the motor to satisfy the court.

    IMO, best you can do is make your appearance, dressed nicely, and enter a plea of Not Guilty of a Crime and set a date for a hearing.

    Perhaps the witness will not show at that hearing, which means YOU win.

    Otherwise all you should say is, "I'm only attempting to beat the high cost of petrol, and mean no dis-respect to the system of laws which obviously must be changed to suit our present needs."

    Be courteous to the judge character !

    Good luck
  9. Irish John

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    Buy a Rock Solid motor which has a 200 Watt max conformance plate. Power your motor down by the suggested methods and stick the compliance plate on the engine shroud that bolts to the cylinder. Play the innocent poor guy just trying to leave a smaller carbon footprint and talk nicely and clearly and get a solicitor to plead your case that the law is not very specific - i.e it doesn't state where the power is taken from and the power through the rear wheel is what counts. Good luck.
    If all else fails move to a rural area and suck up to police by volunteering for the SES. Volunteer for the SES straight away - it will look better in court.
  10. HeadSmess

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    with your user name, im just wondering what you said to the police officer in question.

    and whether you were wearing the appropriate headware for riding a bicycle.

    and just where the bicycle in question was being ridden. footpath or road?

    then the time of day it was being used.

    did it have requisite warning device, ie a bell or horn?

    was it making undue noise or being ridden in a manner to cause disturbance?

    you see, just wondering, cus i got pulled over the other day for the first time since losing my license.

    no helmet. id put it on before leaving work to go get lunch, then went, "meh, its 500metres" and took it off... lol. they pulled me over on the way back. typical.

    so, did i get a fine? did i get hassled? no. i politely told em what i was doing, that i was a bit of an idiot, they laughed, told me to push it the rest of the way and drove off... and i was riding on the footpath btw...

    and you know what? i had about 27 driving offences on my record. the ones i couldnt be let off of... i have never met a cop that goes out of there way to make my life miserable. at one point, with a dui, i was left in the bowl for 3 hours to sober up before the test.

    your biggest and maybe smallest defence is...why were you riding it? to get to work cus theres no public transport, and you feel a car is wasteful is a good one. having your license suspended for two years isnt such a good one :(

    but, as with all judges, it will be some tosser wearing a wig that hasnt had to drive themselves anywhere in over 25 years and is really only interested in what theyll be having for lunch later on... no idea of the real world or just what its like to not be earning 200k + a year...

    anyway, simple things you can do. set the valve clearances loooooose as. horrible, but hey. drops output drastically! you might pop a pushrod though. maybe dont!

    the blanking exhaust was the best idea. either pull the back of the muffler off, jam it tight with fibreglass or sstainless scourers, replace cap... or make a thin gasket from some tin can. and only put a 5 mm hole in it. then fiddle with the size til it barely runs. you could get fancy and hang it on a balance to measure torque and therefore output, but hey... theres no other relatively simple way.

    man up! its only about $1300 from memory!

    sucks if its been confiscated though!
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