How To Disable The Pedal Throttle on an Electric Bike

Mike St

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7:23 AM
Jun 16, 2008
The pedal throttle can be unsafe at start up, causing sudden lurching if the throttle is
set too high. Best to disable it entirely. I found the four Phillips screws on the controller
box so tight I could not remove them with a screwdriver. So I purchased a Pittsburgh impact
screwdriver from Harbor Freight,
and this tool easily loosened the screws. I had to back the controller box with a wood stick
against a wall to support the box and make the tool more effective. After removing the
cover plate, I found the wire leading to the pedal cranks, and disconnected it from the
controller and stuffed the wires back into the box. Then I tossed the Phillips screws
and purchased four 5mm x 12mm socket head bolts from Menards, and reinstalled
the cover plate with the socket head bolts. Now the plate can easily be removed
for any repairs with a simple allen wrench. I wish the Chinese would finish
their engineering.