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    We found this bike in my husband's family's basement. We think it might have been collected by his grandfather. Can the experts here tell me anything about it?

    The family would like to know how to sell it for the most money. :)


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    The fins on the cylinder are awesome. They aren't perpendicular to the bore. I'm afraid I can't identify it.
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    I noticed that too. I poked around on the site - which is fascinating, by the way! - and noticed there are motors that look a lot like it, but have perpendicular fins instead.

    We sold it at auction this evening; someone bid $750 based on just this photo, and said that he believed it is an 1886 Bradley. I hope he isn't disappointed when he comes to pick it up on Monday! If he doesn't show... well, perhaps I will just have a new hobby learning about and restoring this interesting item. :eek:
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    that is a motosacoche auxillary engine made around 1900 only the earliest ones were iron they changed to aluminium later on! i would try to hang on to it and restore it unless your really stuck for cash! see if you can find an engine number on it. this one although in much better condition was sold for just over €6000!
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