how to get a quick power boost for free!

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    ok so what i noticed was that if i pulled the baffle out of my engine it was really powerfull but suffered on the top end and was way to loud! so i experimented with the baffle and after hours of sounding like a tractor to sounding like a vespa i seem to have found a perfect sized hole, a 1/4th inch hole on the baffle makes the engine slightly louder and alot deeper(always a plus!) and the power from start to get go is awesome! not as much as with the baffle out but with this sized hole you get best of both worlds, it tops out alot quicker and runs just fine in the high rpms, also i got a boost bottle which seems to make it run smoother which alowes me to feel more comfortable(vibrations kill my wrists!) at high speeds. also if you dont like this mod than just tack the hole back up or put a bolt through it, i did that alot as you can see:sweatdrop:

    but all in all its way faster compared to stock and it sounds good too! listen

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  2. Mountainman

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    please enter this zone with caution
    my buddy has been experimenting with parts in and out of his muffler
    pretty new 2-stroke Happy Time
    he likes the louder sound -- said for a while that it made it go so much faster
    I told him a few days back -- some back pressure is required and needed on that THING

    now he is saying that it is a lot slower ???
    why ???

    ride the THING
  3. linnix13

    linnix13 Member

    to little back pressure is bad, now there are no valves to fry but i think that you could possibly warp the head by running to hot because of little back pressure, he could also have messed up the rings because of high temps.
  4. Mountainman

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    you are not a mind reader -- but you did a fine job

    hey linnix
    that's what I was thinking linnix
    right after he had said that it sounded so darn good -- it blew the head gasket
    now with this very noticeable loss of top end speed -- rings shot out ??
    what else could it be ??

    have fun today as hopefully you get out to RIDE THAT THING SIDEWAYS