How to get bike to do 30 mph...minimal vibrations...

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Right now...I have my motor bike mounted on the frame, with rubber inserts before the steel mounts to reduce vibration.

Currently, when I get it around 22 mph or so...the engine starts to give off a high pitched squeal...and ya..not good. One time I took it up to 26.5 mph...but then my throttle settings vibrated loose.

I am still in break in...I have around 35 miles on the engine.

I run a 18:1 mixture about...using synthetic oils.

I am looking to be able to do 30 mph crazy vibration. Right now, when I get to 24 mph...the handlebars start shaking and it's hard to hold on. I know that isn't normal.
What do I need to do to fix this?

Should I order the 36 tooth sprocket from that's dax? what other options do I have? Motor bikes are fine to drive here...but going 23 mph makes them cars pass you...cause you are going to slow. I want to be able to do up to 30 mph...without have everything vibrate off. Everything that can be lock tight is, so please don't suggest that.

What can I do to increase top I keep vibrations down..and Do Drum Brakes make a huge difference. I have Roller-Cam Brakes...and they need to be adjusted a bit, but should they be sufficient enough?

You should really use normal oil for the break in it helps everything to seat properly. Go the the Synth after a couple of hundred miles. It takes a while to break these in so just take it easy the don't try to run it wide open for more then small spurts for a few hundred miles the vibrations should slowly die down and your top speed will go up. Don't rush it.
Cars will always pass you. Even if you were doing 60 in a 30 zone they will try to pass you just because you are a bike. Get mirrors, get used to it and watch for them coming up behind you. That is where the biggest dangers will come from riding these.
I've got about 80 miles on my motor, but I can definitely relate to kamikazi_kostka, As right around the 60 mile mark my headlight broke off due to vibration, and my bike had an aluminum front rack that is now broken since the welds split... vibration is the only thing to blame for this. We need to come up with some larger/more universal frame adapters that take advantage of rubber bushings! There's nothing wrong with having a smooth ride...
Remove the rubber you are using. They allow the type of vibration you describe. If you must use and "insert", then wrap a couple of wraps of friction tape, also called gaffers tape, I think. Just a couple wraps, not a lot.

Make sure your engine to frame connections are tight since they tend to vibrate loose shortly after the install.

Change your mixture to 36-40/1 and clean/replace your plug-

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(thanks srdavo!)
the loud 'whine' or 'whistle' we hear when we take our bikes up to speed may be attributed to mesh-gear harmonics:
my main bike makes that sound around 28-29mph. if i power thru it, it goes away. but that speed seems to be where my bike wants to be, and i admit i like the whistle-sound. periodic greasing your gears may quiet that a little (they need grease), but it might not be eliminated.
18:1 is pretty rich. Just run the bike through different throttle positions and really break it in before trying to cruise at that speed. On the next gallon go for 24:1, then 32:1, and finally, 40:1. I don't know this to be a fact and I'm not trying to spread lies, I just believe it's better if you gradually get up to the correct ratio rather than go straight from 18:1 to 40:1.

at 35MPH my engine starts to whistle, not a squeal by any means, I have not gotten any answers so far if anyone elses engine does this.

Keep your gears greased and make the switch to 24:1. By the time you get to 40:1 your engine will have alot more power and can cruise at that speed easily.

Also, what size sprocket are you using? If you have anything higher than a 44 tooth your not going to have much top end speed.