How to get CA license Plate

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  1. AdamT

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    Just got my CA license plate this is how i did it.

    print out form 230 from DMV website under Vin I put teh vin # of my bike then to make the vin 17 #s like a car i put the name of my bike to fill in the rest so i looked like CRANBR###########. I have a Huffy Cranbrooke.
    Engine # i just put the spark plug product #
    Make was HUFFY
    Fill out the rest and mail in with $19. ( this was in 2009)
    Wait 3 weeks and you get it.

    My registration papers says it is a motorized bicycle but under body type it has the code MP (moped?) and says it is a moped under type vehicle use.

    heard it can take a few tries
    Good Luck

  2. Mountainman

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    that's a good THING AdamT
    would recommend to others instead of using spark plug number for engine number
    if none is found on your engine
    one can stamp in a number
    or even just scratch a made up number into -- onto engine
    if lost or stolen -- the pooolice do look for these numbers on engins

    have fun as you ride that plated thing
  3. AdamT

    AdamT Member

    good idea... ill do that for my next build.
  4. Shadeslay

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    You can just use the bikes number and don't need to add anything too it, I didn't. Got mine in about the same time frame 3 weeks. Hardest part for me was finding somewhere to put the plate, it's too big for a bicycle if you ask me.
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  5. Mountainman

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    Ca call for two different sets of numbers

    calls for two sets of numbers
    yes for one as you say -- ones from bicycle

    where did you get the other numbers from ??
    or did you use the bicycle numbers twice ?? split them up ??

    ride that thing
  6. Shadeslay

    Shadeslay Member

    For the vin just use the bicycle serial number "think mine had 10 characters". Engine number I had one stamped on the motor mount "01290", on my grubee it was stamped on to the plate on the side "08117", but you could probably just make one up.
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  7. AdamT

    AdamT Member

    I put spark plug # on mine
  8. Scotchmo

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    I've gotten plates for a number of electric "mopeds" in California. Sending it in is easiest but you do have to wait a few weeks. I just went to the DMV today and got a plate for my new Schwinn Delmar/HT and it took about 30 minutes. It should be faster but the DMV employee that helped me in the past is no longer there. I had to get the new employee up to speed.

    The ID# can be anything and any length for a moped. I use the number stamped on the bike frame. Today the DMV employee tried to enter my moped ID# to verify it. She then counted the number of characters in the ID# and asked if I missed any. I said that since it is not a titled motor vehicle, the number does not have to conform as such. Once she found the correct moped registration procedure and input the shorter number, the computer took it. I also used the engine number that was stamped on the engine but you can just put a line through that entry. I have done this before and it was accepted.

    To comply with the law, you also need the correct equipment. At minimum, you need to add a stoplamp, horn and mirror. For night riding, you also need a taillamp and headlamp. There are some other requirements, but these will usually keep you from getting stopped or cited.
  9. surfskatemoto

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    I just made an appointment at the DMV to take my bike in an get it registered. For those who have done this, how closely to they check out the bike? Also, are turn signals, lights, reflectors, etc required? Anything to help me be fully prepared when i go in would be great!
  10. rockvoice

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    I hope your not talking about California.
    you cannot take your bike there , they have no clue what it is and cant help you. there is no inspection (if there were we'd all be done)
    just fill out form reg 230 fill out and send in to sacremento with 19 bucks and wait 3 weeks for your plate and reg.
    and hopefully you already have your m2 endorsement on your drivers licsense to ride in cali.
  11. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    making it hard on yourself !!!

    making it hard on yourself

    why take the bike in after all that has been said all over site ??

    have not read anywhere where someone took their bike in for inspection ??

    fill form out
    most say best to mail in
    I took mine in it worked

    get one plate and ride that thing
  12. surfskatemoto

    surfskatemoto New Member

    Yes i am in CA. Based on the information here and what i read on the dmv website that's i was under the impression that all i had to do was fill out and send in that form. I called the ca dmv to make sure i was sending the correct fee amount with my application and the phone operator told me i had to bring the bike in to get registered because i has never been registered before and that the fee would be around $60. I told him this was pretty different from everything else i heard and he became angry when i started arguing with him. Now i'm not sure what to do...
  13. Mountainman

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    come on now

    come on now
    just download the form
    walk into DMV
    and get it
    sure when I went in
    they had never seen one before (motorized bicycle form)
    but I had the proper form
    and with them doing a little searching on their Ca DMV site
    they found it
    and it made the two of them VERY HAPPY
    it was something just a little out of the usual for them

    come on now ride that THING with a new plate attached !!
  14. Mountainman

    Mountainman Active Member

    is an M2 truly required in Calif ????

    when I went to the El Cajon -- Calif DMV
    told them exactly what I have -- a motorized bicycle
    they threw the M2 test which I had just passed into the trash can

    as three DMV employees told me

    you don't need any special license to ride that THING

  15. bluesjr

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    I know this is an old thread but I'm trying to register mine this weekend, and was hoping someone would post the registration fee ($19). The DMV's sketchy knowledge would be funny if we didn't have to worry about complying with the law.

    I went in to my local office and had two DMV employees give me form 156 (replacement plates). I tried to argue that I didn't have to pay registration every year like a motorcycle, but they just shook their head - didn't want to talk about it! Then I called the DMV and they didn't know about "motorized bicycles" and gave me a non-800 number that's for registration that has been busy for days. Man-oh-man!

    I already knew about, and downloaded, form 230, so that's what I'm sending in. I'll let you know if I'm successful.
  16. rockvoice

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    form 230 is the only way you "can" do it. just send the 19 smackers and wait about a month.
  17. Tanaka40

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    This is the section(s) pertaining to motorized bicycles
    Rockvoice is correct about the proper CA DMV form, number 230 , download it fill it out and shove nicely in their face.
    Most law enforcement are more interested in riding one rather than issuing a ticket. Be nice and let the fuzz take a ride and talk it up. BTW make sure to take a video of the officer riding your bike !!! (LOL)
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  18. Exador

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    I just got my plates. It took about 3 weeks. Now I just need to figure out a place to put them!
  19. Tanaka40

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    ....and do we need a "license Plate light" to illuminate them at nite for Smokey???
  20. SdCruizer

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    on the dmv form all I need to fill out is the top section
    then A and D correct

    But at the bottom of A I need to put my address and all that
    Since im guessing im the registered owner correct?
    IM confused by the AND/OR too in the area to put your name

    is there a pro or con to having a plate
    would a plate keep you from going on certain bike trails or does it not matter and maybe allow you to go more places

    Is there a way to see if the fee has changed since the original post here
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