How to get your bike to go faster!!!!

Discussion in 'Performance Mods' started by highonlife613, Oct 16, 2006.

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  1. I was wondering what possible ways I could do to get my motorized bicycle to go faster!!! let me know thanx!!!!

  2. try1897

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    You can a. go downhill
    b. ride with slower bikes thereby creating the illusion of speed
    c. peddle like crazy

    d. tie it to the back of a faster machine

    e. pour in some of granny clampets rumatiz medicine

    f. get a bigger engine
  3. DeadBleedRed

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    Faster Pussycat

    What kind of setup you got? You could always switch sprockes & go with a higher gear, probably lose some low end torque though. Whats you top speed now?

    Good Luck

  4. Tom

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    Aug 4, 2006
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    exhaust?? carb??
  5. try1897

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    exaust mod

    i did what the guy said and removed the screw and pulled apart the exaust pipe (muffler) and cut the tube off abuot 3 or 4 inches. the engine sounds better and has better exeleration . i don't know if this will cause any undue stress or strain on the thing but so far not a problem. I'm now turning my attention to a better intake manifold. Tom in W.V.
  6. yeah i was wondering about taking some of the exhaust wont cause some more strain on the engine you know cut the life epextancy and gas mileage
  7. gone_fishin

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    im(h)o, i don't think there'd be any benefit to polishing anything, there's just not enough throughput to make a difference, and modifying the stock pipe (too much) could possibly reduce engine life, as backpressure is an important factor. i'd suggest keeping a top-end rebuild kit handy if you're gonna get too extreme.

    as a former owner of several kawasaki 3-cylinder rocketsleds, i'll be holding out for an expansion chamber exhaust...i think i saw one listed on one of the chinese wholesaler sites, so i'll wait for someone to get one and report on it.

    has anyone been able to compare performance between the old and new carb by any chance? can these things be re-jetted?
  8. Cookie

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  9. gone_fishin

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    right on, cookie, thanks.

    i don't even own a motor'd bike yet, but i do know engines. i ab-so-lute-ly cannot wait to finally get my hands on one of these kits, then we'll see what's what.

    i'll be buzzin along about mid-november depending on ebay, paypal, & shipping.
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    The kits are easy to put together BUT they will make you pull your hair out at times is the little things (the motor is simple 2 stroke) but like I said it is the little things.

    We will get and put the motors on the bikes and will help those that want to do it themselves one day a guy came to our shop at 8am and did not leave untill 7pm it was all the little adjustments that drove him nuts and he said if we could not help him he would have thrown the motor in the trash......OH NOOOO ....he did not have the help from the guys on the web like I had when I started and beleve me all the guys have helped now a littel over a yr. I am helping guys now :) .

    Just make sure you get a good bike, a beach cruser is the best esp the ones with the cruser break ,I am waiting for the price to go down on the disk breaks I want to try one of those .


  11. bamabikeguy

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    Sep 30, 2006
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    Speaking of speed-
    I was going on a inclined grade in the Ozark Mtns, and the flashing sign "you are going" flashed 27-28 mph.

    I hit another of those signs on the E.Alabama 400 mile tour a few weeks ago, saw another of those signs outside a school zone, (remember I was loaded down with that 3-man tent), so I aerodynamically leaned down into it (straightaway), hit 33-34 mph, with about 40 lbs of extra travel supply weight.

    So I calculate 35 on local straightaways, 38 on major downhills. But because of my public relations type touring, when I divide miles traveled by hours on the bike, doing maybe 200-250 in a day, it always works out to TWENTY MILES PER HOUR, INCLUDING UMPTEEN PIT STOPS.
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    Hello Bama , I'm working on a travel VW camper bus and when its done and ready I'll be traveling around in it with the bike tied on the back for day trips and overnighters. Perhaps I'll drop by . I was wondering how far you traveled in a day on one of your trips and now i know. We shall ride together one day my man no question about it. If not you gotta at least give me tips of travel before i get too far into it. Hey thats a good name for an article by you ( tips of travel)you would be the one to know. although I have herd of another guy who takes long runs I think he's from out west. Whens your next journey planed for? Maybe i'll see ya before then. Peace Tom in W.V.
  13. istbenz

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    travel tips would be an excellent subject for the experienced among us to share with all. :D

    i took my longest ride so far today.... about two miles round trip :)
  14. try1897

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    I take 20 - 25 mile trips almost daily. Well i did until the weather got so cold. i want and need a thin snowmobile suit but haven't gotten one yet. The weather around here (west virginia) is turning colder by the day. I want to by a vw camper this year and take trips in it to warmer places ...... I will get it soon. i have borrowed and saved to the tune of 3,000 so far and will be getting one next month . Then its off i go into the wild blue oh thats airplanes well off I go onto the wild black asphalt... Later Peace Tom in W.V.
  15. bird

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    there is alot of basic things you can do to get it to go faster.
    i did one thing to my 26inch and it is one of the fastest ive ridden
    1 you can get a smaller sproket, switch it from the stock 48 tooth or whatever size it is and get something around 36 teeth. i did that and increased the speed about 20 mph no joke

    2 port the intake and exaust, take a dremmel and make the intake and exaust holes on the head a little bigger to increase the flow also grind down the piston on the exause side just a little to let it excape faster.

    3 deck the cylinder (not recomended) but if you have something that can keep it level and smooth take bairly any off to give it more compression.
    keep in mind tho that if you mess up your going to need a new cylinder.

    4. nos kit. get a co2 tire pump (ultraflate) and go to a headshop/ smoke shop and get the little nitrogen canasters and run a line into your air filter close but not directly into your carb. the canasters dont fit in the tirepump so u have to space it with washers. dont run the nos straight into the intake because it forces the airfuel mixture out of the carb and runs the motor on striaight nitrogen which will blow it up or sieze it.

    i only recomend 1 or 2 because those dont do damage to the motor like 3or 4 can. but ive seen all of them done and seen bikes run crazy speeds like around 55 60 mph. ive also seen a motor blow all the gaskets on it when running nos, and other motors trashed because they were decked to much
  16. gone_fishin

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    another crazy mo-fo on the board :twisted:

    before i had mine, i had thought wrongly about a few things, i will be polishing the ports during the worst of winter, and santa knows i want a 36-toother for x-mas 8)

    but, since i like my teeth, i won't be doing any nitrous :?
  17. srdavo

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    Nov 4, 2006
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    speaking of teeth...I get my nitrous from my dentist!!!!!!!!!!
  18. davidsis

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    Wow that sounds like a great idea. We need to talk latter about the Nitrous. When I get an 80cc. I am so happy.
  19. gone_fishin

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    Re: Nitrous

    i meant the bike won't be doing any... :p

    must be the nitrous... :p
  20. Cookie

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    I had my bike clocked by the local cops at 56 that is when my pucker factor ran out (ask augie what that is ) and I am running just a regular 80cc cruser need for no damn nitro I have enough road rash scars and do not need to add to them at all.