How to hard set a gear setting

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  1. Hajuu

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    Hi guys, almost finished my build and theres a small issue bugging me but not really a big problem.

    Does anyone know how to hard-set a shimano gear changer to a different gear? I've currently got my front derailer off. I just want it in a fairly easy gear to help start it, unlike now where its stuck in quite a hard gear combo. then later ill fit a new set of gears.

    Cheeers guys.

  2. Hajuu

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    Man this gears issue is really annoying me. The bike is good to go, but only if I dont have to slow down so much that I have to pedal, even on flats.

    Its just too hard to cycle fast enough to get the bike moving to release the clutch again. It's the only thing holding me back but I cant work it out.

    Not only is the gear combination too hard for starting, but it also keeps skipping kind of thing, like it 1% wants to change gears. I there are two adjustment screws on the gears themselves, and using one of these that moves the derauller back and forward ive lined it up with the smallest gear, but still seems to be slipping.
  3. craisin

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    there a thread posted by myself someone put some handy links in it
  4. tom80

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    can you please tell me more. if your srews are set right then with no cable tension ( not even if cable is disconected same goes for rear sprocket) the front derailer will keep chain on (front small ring) and rear derailer will keep chain on (rear small ring). The screw are just over travel stops. The clean shifting will come from shifter and derailer bieng in sync. If the the shifter and derailer are compatible. As far as cable pull per gear then your only adjustment is cable tension. If your bike is stock then cable adjusment is probably the only thing. please tell me more info. sorry for spelling not a strong spot for me. If you have time please look at my build ( tom80 members list 16 pics)
  5. Hajuu

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    haha, thanks for the interest but I simply couldnt wait to give it a ride, so ive literally hard wired it - ie; put in a scrap of cable and tied it to the bike frame at the right tension.

    Tomorrow i'm probably just going to take it to a bike shop ask them to slap a whole new set of cheap gears on there. Or buy a set, depending how adventurous I feel, but there seems to be tooo many adjustable factors that come with no explanation (even what angle to have the gear hanger at was a mystery since this bike had no securing hole thing, nor did the gear hanger have one).

    I managed to get it into a gear that is ridable and stop it from slipping all the time though, so now I can atleast get the thing started even on a slight uphill heh.

    Thanks heaps
  6. craisin

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    sound like your missing the mounting bolt and the specially shaped nut that holds the derailer in one position
  7. keystone

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    I just used a old piece of cable and a derailer clamp to hold mine in 3rd gear.My front derailer is removed also.
  8. craisin

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    its not that hard to maintain gears that work off a shifter:whistling:
  9. furament

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    but how to get the full range?
  10. Ghost0

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  11. Thats why i changed my to a single speed, all you have to do is take off the gear selector levers, cables and remove derailers,then you shorten chain.
  12. Hajuu

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    yeah I just didnt want to shorten my chain, so I put my rear dérailleur back on to take up the slack. Eventually ill get a whole new set of gears but it was just more important to get it moving so I could test the engine, and to get it into a gear that wasn't either too high to get going, or so low that it was entirely useless once the engine was going.

    in response to someone elses post, there are apparently two types of gear systems. Some default to trying to use the highest gears, some use the lowest.

    In either case, I couldn't get it to sit as intended without the chain comming off so my solution worked the best possible for now.

    There was also no lock bolt system with this gear system.
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