Carby How to install performance carburetor

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  1. sweersz

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    Hey guys. Does this look right to everyone? What do I do with the two valves right next to each other? I received no other tubing... I want to get it right before I take off. I know I have to put the two rubber things around the two cables on top but what do the two other valves do? Please help!

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  2. motorpsycho

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    remove that red hose going from the carb inlet area to the float bowl vent.
    vaccuum can pull gas from the vent up into the carb and make it flood over. when the engine is running, that little pipe at the rear of the carb (where the red hose is at) will make vaccuum. Just hook the red hose to the bottom of the float bowl and let it hang down towards the ground.
    The other 2 pipes can be left open as they are.
    that's how i hooked mine up anyway, and it worked great.
  3. sweersz

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    You're the man, thanks!
  4. motorpsycho

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    oh, you may have to get a small rubber vaccum port cap to put over that pipe at the back of the carb. I plugged mine off because i wasn't sure how it would affect the way the engine runs.
    If you think about it, if that little pipe sucks vacuum while you ride, it would be the same as having an air leak and it will lean out the mixture.
    I may be wrong on this, but that was my observation anyway.
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    real important one is the boots on the cables where they enter.. or on the throttle cable mainly. they dont just stop dirt and water, but also air. which causes lean running, and difficulties in tuning.

    there is no boot on either cable, i see? heat shrink tubing works well...