How to make a new paint job look old & faded

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  1. White Sox Fan

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    Hello Fellas

    just lookin to find out how I can paint a old Hawthorne I bought for my son. Just want the paint to look old , as I am new at this. Thanks for any pointers pat

  2. Frankenstein

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    I'd suggest Google, you'll find a wealth of information there, especially on YouTube.
  3. Frankfort MB's

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    The best way is too find an orginal paint bike but sometimes that can be difficult....

    I like the look of a little paint mixed with a little bare metal then clear coated overtop, you should be able to achieve this by wiping gas on your bike before you spray the main color, then let bike sit for a few days and try to sand on it a little

    If you want quick and easy, rustolium makes a paint color that matches rust!

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    KTOKTO Active Member

    Search youtube for "patina paint job"
  5. zippinaround

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    throw talc or finely crushed chalk on it just after you spray it .
  6. Paint it real nice and pretty, then let it sit outside for 40 years!

    Genuine patina!
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