How to make aluminum look rusty

Wyatt. A.

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Sep 19, 2022
This is one way but the thing is its real rust.

Just cover an object with acrylic paint,(black, rust, brown, etc.), then dust the paint with iron powder. (I save all my grinder shavings with a magnet, then put them in a coffee grinder to make them into finer powder.) Sprinkle salt over that and then more steel powder. Now spray with white vinegar and then spray with hydrogen peroxide. Let sit over night. When it looks like how you want it, coat it with a clear coat.

You can also just spray aluminum with vinegar mixed with salt, sprinkle with iron powder then heat it with a torch. Will cause oxidation to happen more rapidly and cause the steel, vinegar coating to get gummy. Then you can coat it with clear coat.

The best way is to use paint so the powder has something to stick to...

The pictures are without the paint. Just vinegar mixed with salt and steel powder, then hit with a torch. The reaction happens rapidly...


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