how to make spindle larger?

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    i have a bmp kit with a 1.25 inch spindle, i have plenty of power but i would like to increase my top speed from 32 to maybe 40, what can i put around my spindle to make the diameter larger? also i have a monsterscooter engine, 49cc two-stroke. i heard that using friction tape works, but im not sure what to do, any help would be great!
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    if you have a larger pice of pipe that can slide over the spindle tack weld it or mabey if you dont have a welder you might use JB weld
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    Larger Friction Roller

    I liked my BMP friction drive, but the 1.25" roller was too small.
    I tried their 1.5" rubber roller, which wore out in less than a month.
    I owned a Staton friction drive.It's a fine piece, but the bearings were a press fit onto both their rollers AND the drive housing. I had to pay a machine shop to remove and replace my rollers AND bearings. There was also the down time and inconvenience of taking the parts to the machinist.
    The main reason I bought the BMP kit was to easily replace the bearings and friction roller. HOWEVER, BMP's assortment of rollers didn't fit my criteria...

    SOOO I adapted the Staton friction rollers to the BMP drive housing!!!:idea:

    After removing all of the BMP drive components, the Staton roller's ends need to be lightly sanded to remove a small amount of material. This will convert the roller's difficult pressfit to a user friendly slipfit onto the bearings. THEN, a simple bearing retainer needs to be made on the outboard side. This will keep the bearing from falling out at 35mph.:detective:

    Ask me how I know this.:whistling:

    This will allow you to use the excellent Staton friction rollers of 1.375" and 1.5" on your BMP drive housing.

    FWIW, I loved Staton 1.5" rollers.
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    very good idea. Do you have a picture of the bearing retainer that you mentioned? Is it a clip of some sort? I was going to go with the BMP kit as a replacement for my aging Staton kit until i found out they were transferring ownership. Loved the easy drive roller swap out of the BMP kit but didn't like the 1.25" max roller size. Really loved my 1.50" Staton drive roller but had a hard time removing the clutch drum and was intimidated by the bearing removal process. Ended up just buying another new Staton friction kit until I could repair the old one.