How to promote the forum?

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by Tom, Oct 10, 2006.

  1. Tom

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    Hey guys, I am hoping to increase traffic through this forum. Anyone have ideas? I already have a bunch of stickers for free to anyone who wants a few. I have also been working to get listed in search engines.

    Anyone have any good publicity ideas?

  2. Cookie

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  3. bamabikeguy

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    I tried e-mailing some of the "active" looking folks in yahoo.groups, telling them to meet us here, but.......they must have turned off yahoo like I did when I got the 50th peice of spam.

    1. My cousin and her husband are in Baton Rouge, he's doing hospital coordination for FEMA. NEXT hurricane season, Tom's "Hecks Angels", on their "Hardly Davidsons" will meet up and REALLY do some relief. I've already got my tent. Coordinated or not, I'll be there next time.

    2. SUE TUCSON (how come "Tuscon" never looks spelt rite?")

    3. Let's make a Movie, (using federal bike energy money), 6-10 characters preparing for the coast to coast challenge. Release date April Fools Day. Based on "It's a mad/mad world", "the great race", "deathrace 2000." :?: How can I keep my pasted-on mustache attached at 35 mph? :?:

    4. SUE TOPEKA (because we can spell Topeka).
  4. ranzchic

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    I'm a wikipedia editor and I usually do not like forum links but I kept the link that someone added on the motorized bicycle page(in fact, thats how I got here). I think that the subject is specialized enough that links to actual discussion pages/message boards that are not too commercialized would help the reader immensely.
  5. Tom

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    thats great. I tried making a few movies, but im not that good at it. Check the home page for links to them on google and youtube... I think google bought youtube for 1.6 billion or something. wow.
  6. drimpact

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    Tom, What ever you did it sure seems to be working.

    Congrats on an awesome forum!!
  7. npk1977

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    First question: How much penetration do you want to have? There are only X people in the english speaking world who own one of these bikes. How many of them do you want on this board?

    * The fact that thatsdax points people here is great for the forum, and probably helps his business. Perhaps you could convince other vendors to point here?

    * Advertise on

    * Whenever people stop me on the street, I tell them about this board, but I doubt they ever come here. Maybe a link for first time users? I dunno. I'm thinking off the top of my head.
  8. Tom

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    All of them.
    Yeah, GEBE points here now, hopefully more can get on board.
    Whats that?
    Yeah. I have sent out over 500 free stickers and I'm looking to place another few orders.
  9. srdavo

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  10. Maybe have series of sponsored races with some serious prize money....It shouldn't be to hard to get a large following because the engine kits are so cheap......almost anybody can afford one and who doesn't like the idea of racing
    ....and having the possibility of winning serious $$ .I thought about doing that locally (i.e. - selling a few engine kits and telling each person that buys one they are eligible to race in a race to be help on a certain date (pending of course enough kits are sold to make the pirze "pot" worthwhile....MotoredBikes...Has a
    large following already....Sponsor something BIG...with Big $$....Oh and let's have it on the East Coast! ;-)
  11. gone_fishin

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    i grew up in a racing family...i've suggested that several times here but you're the first one to mention it

    i wholeheartedly agree that we should be trying to organize a exhibition races before paid events at small local tracks everywhere, with promotional booths by the gate.

    organized racing leads to social acceptance, sponsorhips, innovation & improvements, marketability...

    in order to make it work for motoredbikes, in my opinion, we could shoot for a board-track tribute kinda image, 48cc class and "vintage unlimited"...period builds, period clothing (i know rif would love it) ...i swear, if we could ever, it would rock all our worlds.

    lemme tell ya, i would totally be happy to focus my energy on organized motoredbike racing 8)
  12. Tom

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    Having a race would be pretty sweet. Just seems that there aren't enough motoredbikes in one central area... at this point.
  13. Kncool

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    I made a thread about motored bikes on a forum, about 3 ppl were interested and I pointed them to this forum. I have yet to write a review thread since I've only got the bike running for 2 days, I think I can get some ppl to come here. So I think that if members here are in other forums can advertise =D.
  14. japat100

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    as member increase this forum will soon explode like a volcano ,,the problem will be is to be able to keep good control of content etc. ,, something that grows too fast is not always good .. when we hit 1000 or 1500 members which is not far away how then can anyone or group ,try to moderate etc. 30 or 40 new members a day ,, my view is a steady growth in members is much better in the long run ,,it gives new members a chance to understand the rules etc of this forum ,so this forum keeps a strong foundation

    its only my point of view
  15. uncle_punk13

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    So when are we going to 'march' (ride) On Washington D.C.?
    That'll get the word out...
  16. Yeah...DC...That'll get some attention!....Ohhh and it's on the East Coast! ;-)
    We can all race around the mall.....Imagine 100's of us buzzing around....I'm there!