How to Protect from Theft of engine.

Discussion in 'General Questions' started by moun10biker, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. moun10biker

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    I want to be able to ride my bike to school, but there are a few people who may try to steal it while I'm in the school. I have already got a bike fork lock, bu how do I protect the engine from being stripped from the bike? I head of those bike alarms, but I dont want to break the bank if I don't have too.

  2. mattysids

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    the only thing i can think of is welding a "U" onto your engine

    and running another bike lock through that "U" onto the rack
  3. moun10biker

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    That could be possible. But its pretty easy to chop through bike lock chains. Is there a way that when a bad guy come to jack the engine, that an alarm can blast for a reasonable amount of money?
  4. mattysids

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    sorry i have no experience in the area of alarmed bicycles lol

    but you can buy nice locks that are nearly impossible to cut through and by buying them you get insurance from that lock company
  5. moun10biker

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    Would the insurance cover accessories and engines?
  6. mattysids

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    i think it covers whatever it is attached to so yes

    ask the company first though to make sure

    however it surely does not cover things like lights and other things not actually attached to the lock
  7. Porkchop

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    Chances are a theif won't hang around long enough to take the engine off your bike. They'll take the whole bike and strip it else where later. Get your parents to check with their home owner's insurance and see if it covers your bike. If it doesn't, maybe they can have it added for a few extra bucks per year. Mine does. The great honest society we live in these days. Nothing is sacred anymore !
  8. Al.Fisherman

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    I'm not concerned with someone stealing the engine, but if I was I'd spot weild ONE front mounting nut to the stud, one dab (arc) would do it.
  9. GearNut

    GearNut Active Member

    Yeah, but then the stud would just un screw out of the engine case.
    You would have to tack the nut to the mount plate itself.
  10. DougC

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    I have seen it discussed on other forums that the lock guarantee insurance from companies like Kryptonite does not cover anything but the OEM bike cost. And even at that, it's somewhat of a bother to collect on the insurance offer anyway.

    The example below is about Bulldog lock insurance policies, but the other lock companies have plenty of conditions also-

    Short answer: ANY lock can be cut through with a battery-powered grinder. A lock just takes a bike thief's time, it doesn't really stop them from doing anything.
  11. moun10biker

    moun10biker Member

    I caould check with my moms insurance policy. How many bike locks do you use on your bikes though? I know there is another post on this, but have any of you tried a bike alarm and liked it?
  12. mdross1

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    Cannot imagine living like that,I'm sure things are much different today.Of course being a small town boy from the 50's and 60,s all I had to worry about was Girls!
  13. moun10biker

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    lol, lucky you. The good times, right! lolol
  14. mdross1

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    Hope you figure it out.You have to place a value on your bike,and knowing it may get stolen at school,I would leave it home.Hanging locks or chains all over it will only slow the thieves down.You might talk to school officials and get their ideas.Good Luck
  15. moun10biker

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    Thanks. I am liking that alarm alot. I'm thinking of getting it. Is it really sensitive so that a minor bump would set it off?
  16. loquin

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    It says there are three sensitivity levels.