Sprockets how to put a sprocket on rear wheel like in the kits

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    So i'm building my version of a board track racer, I took a huffy cruiser, chopped the frame and welded in a mount to hold a 5.5 tecushma go kart engine. The clutch sticks out so i'm using a jackshaft to realign it so I can power the rear wheel.

    I've got all that figure out, what I need to know is how to put a sprocket on the back wheel.
    I was thinking of taking a plastic cutting board, cutting a circle the same size of the sprocket, then cutting groves halfway throught it to match the spokes on the wheel. Then I would somehow cut another ring of the same size out of metal then split it in two so i could put it behind the spokes basicaly sandwitching the sprocket to the spokes.... is that how it's done on the kits? Any other ways to do it?

    I'm trying to put up some pics but my camera is not cooperating... i'll figure it out.

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    its much easier to order one and choose tooth count.
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    im trying to do it for as cheap as possible so i'd rather not. is there a place you can buy it without the engine and rest of the kit? i looked but couldent find it anywhere.
    I don't mind doing the work I just want an idea on how the kits work. How does it sit on the curved surface of the spokes?
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    doing it JUST ONCE is the cheapest route.

    honestly, the best idea is to get a disk brake hub and call Andyinchville, other than that , many vendors will sell you a split ring setup ready to go.

    i know cash outlay can be a problem, esp. if you have fab'ing talents, tool skills, and of course time.