How to reinforce fenders

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    I have a Huffy Cranbrook. I do have a frame mount engine on my bicycle. How can I reinforce the fenders to not brake off and maybe dampen the vibrations? I hate to leave them off since it really adds the "look" to the bike.

  2. on the front fender i drilled out the ribbets on the mounting tab(with the fender off the bike),i bought a small steel L bracket and bolted it in place of the stock one with small steel bolts. and i placed a flat piece of rubber between the fender and fork to get rid of vibrations.

    my back fender holds up just fine.

    i have a scwhinn delmar but its almost like the huffy cranbrook but mine has fuller fenders.
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    fender fix

    I hammered the rivets tighter and then added a squoosh of Billy May's Mighty Putty over and around the bracket from the underside until it was coming out of the slot on top and then cleaned it up. For the lower stay, I put a little wrap of copper sheet around the wire and little more of Billygoo to hold it in--this makes the stay fit tighter in the clamp so the lower end of the fender doesn't rattle loose.

    After seeing the pictures, I check mine before every ride.