How to remove/clean a Honda GX35 carb? (or a link to a "how to" website page.)

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    I have a new Honda GX35 with engine problems, and I am trying to find instructions on how to take off, and how to take apart the carb.

    Any web address with carb removal/cleaning instructions would be greatly appreciated.

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  3. chad

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    I think perhaps my brand new Honda GX35, came with the wrong size carb o-ring.

    I believe the part in question is part #28 on page c, in the following link,

    This o-ring is so posed to be around 5/8 of an inch long, but the o-ring on my GX35 is 7/8 of an inch long.

    I have been having major bogging issues, and perhaps this o-ring was letting unfiltered air into the carb., where the carb meets the choke assembly plate.
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    I just purchased a non-Honda GX35 replacement carb from Ebay. It was around $33.000 (including USPS priority mail shipping.)
    This carb also comes with the 0-ring that goes between the choke mechanism and carb.

    I will put the new carb on my bike, and then one day clean my original carb.
    I plan to one day put the original carb back on the engine.
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    Honda GX-35 Bogging Issue

    I also had major bogging issues and found that replacing this little o-ring solved the problem.
    Recommend trying to clean and or replace this o-ring if you are having bogging issues before digging deeper unnecessarily.
    A good seal is essential.
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    I am not 100 percent sure about it but what I know that is the site which providing you the best solution for your problem.

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