How to remove clutch springs on DAX 49cc 4 stroke??



OK, this may be a dumb question, but how do you remove the clutch springs on a DAX 49cc 4 stroke engine? Needle nose pliers isn't cutting it for me. There's a hooked end that fits through a hole in the meta clutch plate, and the other end of the spring is hooked and fits around a short post that comes out of a flat, hex head nut-like thing. Which end do you remove first to lube the clutch shoe pivot points?

Also, would heavy duty Castrol wheel bearing be OK for repacking the PTO that came with this engine? Or would a lighter weight (lithium?) grease be better? I read in some other post that using grease will eliminate oil leaking from the PTO.

I saw a link to a .wmv file on servicing this clutch on some post, but the link is bad.

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We had some really good pics in the past. Any way you can take a pic?


Jun 20, 2008
Got a broken clutch spring on my titan 50 tonight. Any chance a lawn mower shop might have one?? I want to go for a ride tomorrow and don't want to have to wait for one to ship. Help!!!