Exhaust how to secure exhaust properly, where to get metal strap

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by jatgm1, Sep 6, 2016.

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    my sick bike parts exhaust just came in, and although it works, the exhaust kinda bobs around because the metal strap they sent me with the holes in it wasnt long enough to reach the bike frame, where can i purchase this kinda strap or what could i use instead? i have a wire attaching the metal strap to the frame but it just moves around too much for comfort. its not securely in place.

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    The metal strap that comes with the kit is 22ga plumbers tape available at any hardware store. I believe we have already been in contact via email. As was determined from the photo you provided your center kick stand was getting in the way of doing a good solid mounting bracket. What I, and others, have done is fabricate a bracket using the kickstand mount point and either picking up the mounting tab on the pipe or wrapping around the pipe.
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    i have spent all day today working it over, not just due to the exhaust, but i did get the tape and it works quite well, i also have found a kickstand online that mounts in a way that should not interfere with its operation. i also wrapped the manifold in aluminum foil and used 10 separate hose clamps to keep in from moving, along with cutting the copper pipe down to 2", which both helps with front wheel clearance greatly and allows it to rev at the perfect speed for my gear ratio. sorry i didnt get back to your email, thank you for your quick response, the pipe works wonders, even with just a dellorto sha carb. after getting it mounted right it worked fine, i think the issue is that the engine is tilted forward and on a mountain bike, so getting it mounted just right is slightly challenging, but with some time and patience it most definitely pays off. im still looking for a hoist that isn't ceiling mounted but im sure i can just rig something up if necessary. thank you for your time!