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    Alright guys so my friend gave me this nice weedwacker that works great...well recently I had built a weedwacker bike that I had to take off the pull start to get the peg on the engine to use as the drive. Well now that I got this weedwacker that is in perfect condition I would like to keep the pull start. How do I keep that on there and still have a drive of some sort?

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    I'm presuming that the pull start is removed because the peg is always in contact with the rear tire. If a 2-legged bike stand is on the bike, you'd be able to keep the pullstart. The friction roller spins the tire on startup. It won't be a problem, since the tire is off the ground.
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    That is not exactly what I meant but thanks for the info anyways. I mean that last time when I wanted to put the peg on the flywheel, I had to take off the housing (the plastic part of the engine) to get to the flywheel. Which involved taking off the pull start because it lies right inside the plastic housing. How do I keep the pull start on the bike, and still be able to put the peg on the flywheel?
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    make a fitting the goes into the square for the shaft, weld the peg to it, and mount a bracket to keep it in place.
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    Hey Pathehat033,
    Here's a "how to" on how to set up a friction drive using a weed wacker engine.
    I know it's pretty involved but I did it and it has worked great with the exception of the motor vibrating loose because it mounts into the plastic flywheel housing.
    Anyway check it out.
    Here's a shot of my bike completed.

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