how to stay warm?

How cold is too cold to ride?

  • never too cold

    Votes: 26 49.1%
  • under 32

    Votes: 11 20.8%
  • under 40

    Votes: 8 15.1%
  • under 50

    Votes: 8 15.1%

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I am riding now because my car is broke down. Lucky to live in AZ where its never too cold to ride!
Above 32 is not so bad.
Below 32 I wear 2 sets of thermals, a sweatshirt and a light windbreaker, a ski mask and then 2 hats on top of that, two pairs of gloves (i hate leather so 2 cloth pairs is good) and a scarf across my face and I am still too cold. Maybe I do need to invest in leather?
With the skimask and hats its not possible for me to wear my helmet but I do go much slower than usual not exceeding 17mph.
Leather will not keep one warm. Treating leather at the start of Fall with mink oil(or whatever) will slow down wind penitration. I know this from past experiance riding motorcycles year round.

Snow skier's warm-up pants are the ticket, they have full zippers on both legs. Cheap too. Jacket type is your call.
Google silk glove liners and nothing beats silk long johns as the first layer. Snowmobiler's neoprene face mask ought to help.
Pocket warmers?? Google Zippo hand warmer.

That's a start. ;)
Back in the days when I used to get up at 6:00a.m. to go cycling, I mean with no motor, I used to carry a sheet of newspaper in my pocket during the uphill part of the ride, then at the top I'd slip that newspaper under my jersey (shirt) for the downhill. It works very well to keep the wind from penetrating. I have used it many times when I've stayed out longer than I expected and had to ride home in the cold and dark.

My standard cold weather gloves (for cycling) are regular cycling gloves with cheap brown cotton jersey gloves under them. It seems that the fingers always wear out first when cycling, so the cheap cotton gloves are a great choice, rather than buying regular gloves every season. Mind you that I live in California, central coast, where really cold means 40 degrees.
I've been out three mornings this week around 6:30 AM, 15 miles each run, 34 - 35 degrees. Thermals, sweat suit, vest, sweat jacket, leather gloves and a ski mask, I cruise about 30 mph. Get cold, yeah, don't care, hav'n fun.
I use my bike for papers so ive been riding in 26 degree temps( the coldest its been so far this year), but like you have all said the wind is what really makes it cold when riding.
I think the coldest I've been out in this year was about -15 (f). But then, I'm crazy. Snow machine mask and gloves, hat with ear coverings, long johns, sweat pants, and insulated coveralls (Carhartt's or Wall's).
I like it when it's like 40 to 45 degrees out cause it's not so cool that you need anything more than maybe a coat and definetly not a hat and scarf,then here I am riding my bike wearing a pull down face mask looking like I just stole something from the neighbors house. I get a lot of looks.
Best mask I've used so far Seirus Neofleece Combo Clava. I use gor-tex mittens I bought at Cabela's and put those hand warmer packs inside the mittens.
i live in michigan and believe me it is cold. last night 2 degrees, i can sum it up in one word. polar fleece. it is inexpensive and will keep you warm. layer with polar fleece and some kind of wind breaker over that and it will keep you quite comfortable.
i was going to take a ride today it was 5 degrees out i went out there and the old minarelli started first kick then i noticed both brake cables were frozen solid so i didnt go anywhere

i have a nice abercrombie & fich ski jacket i got from some yuppies trash its so nice and warm and a pair of kodiak snow boots i got from job lots and a pair of cheap gloves it aint that cold

i really hate the cold id rather be out riding in shorts and sandals but that aint going to happen till a few months

im planning to move to arkansas soon at least it dont get that cold there