how to stop stock carb from overflowing everywhere.


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Dec 15, 2019
when i got my 4 stroke engine kit It ran fine. aside from the fact that the carburetor decides that it wants to p*ss half of the fuel tank out and bog out the engine at random times... I assume it's something stupid like the float getting stuck or something... I want to replace it with a two stroke high performance carb or a higher quality carb if it cannot be fixed but i assume its something really simple maybe??

is there any 4 stroke upgrade carbs out there? or adapters to fit two stroke carbs?


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Nov 14, 2018
so cal
Yes you are right.
Ya might want to check and clean the float needle.
A small speck of dirt can hold it open and yes the gas will overflow out.
Did ya clean out the new gas tank before ya used it. I bet the tank had dirt or paint flakes in it. Cheap fuel filters don't stop everything.
The new carb float bowl might even of had some fine metallic dust or dirt in it from the China factory.
Yes you are right to assume it might be something really simple.
Clean your carb. If you find dirt in the carb, clean out the gas tank and get a new fuel filter or the carb will just get dirt in it again.
If the carb is clean check and set the float height if ya have a copper float.
If ya have a plastic float they cant be adjusted. The plastic float usually wont come out of specs un till after many years of hard and hot use. The plastic float becomes warped then needs to be replaced.
Good luck
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