How to tow start?

Discussion in '2-Stroke Engines' started by coolkidirish, Aug 11, 2014.

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    I read an article and it mentioned tow starting a 2 stroke motorised bicycle if it hadn't been driven in a while as a way of clearing out the cob webs and getting it started. I am curious to know is this simply as it sounds that you tie a rope to a car and to the bicycle and litrally tow start it or is it the same thing as constantly pedalling and trying to start it that way?

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    You could always try placing a collar around a greyhound and attach a rope between it and the bike, then throw a rabbit under the greyhound legs.
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    you can borrow my labrador...far more low end grunt ;)

    a steep hill is safer than towing. so is simply pedalling.

    check the engine will turn over first(plus all the basics...clean carb, spark, mud wasps up the exhaust), dash some oil down the intake and plug hole, give it a good spin. then petrol and it should start right up.

    if youre really that lazy that you have to get a car or similar... tie the rope to the car ONLY. run rope round front tube, not a complete turn either, then hold free end in your hand so you can let go anytime and it can release without getting tangled up.
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    I am suspecting that the """tangled up""" part could be very messy and could very well be perceived as shameful advise if OH&S experts were to get involved; requiring all sorts of barriers and painted yellow lines; underneath, on top off and around the car, combined with a safety exclusion zone for those not wearing safety vests or holding the proper permits.

    A much safer option is the "Labrador starter motor" method, because that only involves the RSPCA, if it were to go horribly wrong.