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Discussion in 'Photos & Bicycle Builds' started by Large Filipino, Apr 12, 2008.

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  1. I realize there isn't a tutorial here as to how to upload a pic within this forum so here goes.
    First,take the pic of course and keep tabs on where it is on your computer. I keep mine on my desktop so I can find it easier.

    Make sure that when you're creating a post, that you are in the advanced editor view. If you're NOT in this view, click the "Go Advanced" button in the lower-right corner of the editor.
    Go Advanced.PNG

    Then scroll down and click Manage Attachments
    Picture 1.jpg

    Then this window pops up:
    Picture 2.jpg
    Click choose file then your window slides down,click the pic you want to upload then click choose. Click upload and it about a minute it's done.
    Picture 5.jpg
    Here I've already uploaded three pics (the pics above)
    Picture 6.jpg
    And, THAT is all there is to it. Your pictures will be located at a bar at the bottom of the post.

    But, if you want to include the pictures inside the post... How did I get those pics out of the windows and on the thread?
    Well you have to first upload the pics following these steps then when it appears below,right click it and open link in new window
    Picture 3.jpg
    Look at the url above of the pic. See where it says attachmentid=6020?
    That number (6020) is what you want.
    Picture 4.jpg
    Scroll down this thread to the quote button.Press it to see how the ATTACH code works out.

    Basically you want to type in

    [noparse] Picture 1.jpg [/noparse]​

    Then the attached picture will show inside your thread.

    Now. How to attach a pic from another url like a photobucket account?

    Copy and paste the url to the upload pic.

    This is what I'll be copying:
    At my photobucket site I copied the direct link. Hold the left button down,go over the url,right click and copy.
    Picture 7.jpg
    Then paste over here. On the same form that you use to upload a picture from your own computer, Right click on the 'Upload a File From URL,' and paste.
    Picture 8.jpg
    Click upload.
    Picture 9.jpg
    And there it is on the bottom titled trail8.jpg.
    Picture 10.jpg
    I didn't do anything else to that,so that's the only pic down below. If I want that on my thread then I would do the attach code.

    So now you know.

    I run a MAC but I also have a logitech mouse with the two click buttons and scroll wheel just like a PC. So yours will look a bit different but it's essentially the same way.

    Feel free to add to this.

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  2. quay1962

    quay1962 Guest

    thats a nice tutorial large!
  3. THANKS Quay!
    It took me about a half hour to do that. It got a bit confusing,editing constantly.
  4. graucho

    graucho Active Member

    Way to go Large! Great job. It made sense to me.
  5. azbill

    azbill Active Member

    nice work large !!! :D
  6. I need to give credit to SRDAVO for showing me how to bring out the pic from down below to within the thread. Before I didn't know you had to upload the pic within your thread to get the pic up there.
  7. fetor56

    fetor56 Guest

    Well done Large,this would make a handy Sticky:
  8. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    great large! p.s. a pc is the EXACT same way, except on a mac the buttons are more rounded off, and bubbly.
  9. Oh I don't like the mouse a Mac comes with. I can't deal with that one button does everything. With the logitech mouse,it works like a PC.
  10. eltatertoto

    eltatertoto Guest

    yea, i do the same thing on the ancient i mac i have out in the shed (am on the site THAT much) but i meant the buttons on the screen though. like remove on the pic, looks like a more squarish box on a pc.
  11. RdKryton

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    Nicely done Large.

  12. srdavo

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    You have A way...... with the words, my Brother !! :cool:
  13. I notice lately since I bought a cheap card reader so I can bring up pics from my camera phone that my camera phone pics get an error message when I upload them here,but my pics from my Kodak camera takes it well.
    So to fix that,I'm on a Mac but if your a mac user,you can take a screen shot of your whole screen by pressing shift-control(the apple symbol button) then 3. That gives you a screen shot pic that will upload well.
    When I did the partial screenshots to do the tutoral,I pushed shift-control(apple) then 4. Then I hold down my right button when I get the corner of the pic I want to take then drag it diagonally to the other corner. Letting go of the mouse button snaps the pic within the area you grayed out.
    This is why Macs rule.
    If you have a Mac,give this a try.
    You're internet life will change.
    So if you're having problems uploading,look for PC programs or I dunno how to take a screen shot to a PC but if you can change the pic somehow,then try again to upload it.
    Anyone knows how to take a screen shot on a PC please dive in here.
  14. MasterLink

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    i seen there is a picture album how does that work its in the profile section
  15. WOAH!

    I DON'T KNOW!!

    How cool is this?

    Does this mean we can have our own albums?

    Someone please chime in.

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  16. MasterLink

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    album added i think u can find it click on my nic thats so cool it works
  17. coolshoeshine

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    if i wasn't so lazy i would post pics! so i will do one better and just make a video but i won't even post that haha! i'm sure it involves as many steps or more that are easy as these but like i said...i'm lazy haha but thank you for taking the time to educate newbs like me! (serious no joke in no way am i being sarcastic don't want anyone thinking that)
  18. ENO

    ENO Member

    Hey Cools..ENO (Down Under)..I think I have a short cut to getting the pics on. Keep your best shots on your desktop in one folder (as JPGs) / Name them so they are easier to identify / download "Easy Thumbnails" free as the site only accepts 600 by 600 max / open Easy Thumbnail shortcut / browse to desktop file / select a pic / thumbnail it / back to manage attachments /and only goes slow or rejects if the pic is not thumbnailed to size. i am sure that videos would work with a similar program..Good luck
  19. wildwestrider

    wildwestrider Member

    My pics are always too large to attach and/or upload. From there, the effort involved in going to image shack and uploading then trying multiple links before finding the one that such a pain in the butt, that I just end up blowing it off, so my pics never get posted. Is there an easier way to shrink your pics down to a size that will upload?