How to watch blocked in your country youtube video

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  1. Samdallas214

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    I have had several members ask me how I get around the

    This video is not available in in your Country


    First it only works with Google Chrome so if you do not have Chrome you will need to download it.

    open Chrome.

    go to top right of Chrome click on customize and control Google Chrome custom button (should look like a box with lines in it )

    Click on tools

    Click on Extensions

    Stroll to bottom of page click on get more extensions
    top left of page in search box type in GeoProxy

    Click install.

    Once installed at the top left hand side of Chrome you will see a G button
    Click on it select a country

    click search some country will not have and IP address if non click on the next country.
    Click on a country's IP address try to watch your video if works great if not

    Click on the G then click don't use proxy.
    you might have to close Chrome and open it up again repeat until you find a country that will work.

    In America the country Bosnia and Herzegovina and the first Ip address has worked fine.

    Need any more help PM me

    I hope this helps
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  2. Anton

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    Great tutorial samdallas, I moved this thread to the video section and stickied!
  3. Fabian

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    That's such useful information.
    A lot of the videos from America come up as blocked content in Australia, which is horribly annoying.
  4. Samdallas214

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    that why I posted it several how to video will not work in the US, Canada, Australia, crazy don't know why but, they won't, or at least not suppose to .
    I was watching the old tv show Dark Shadows the show were Barnabas gets turned into the vampire the video was blocked, I was so ****ed , but I found a way around it , and blocked how to as well. enjoy

    O and thanks Anton for the move, to a better place
  5. zwebx

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    i have never encountered that issue...
  6. Samdallas214

    Samdallas214 Member

    It's seem not many but some how to video, and other videos, especially tv shows and movies you can watch in some country's but not others.
    I have used youtube for years with out experiencing it until this year, it's something new.

    It has to be some law that youtube is afraid of being sued over , because youtube does not seem to be to concerned about the back door way in, it seems that youtube is saying we blocked them we can not help it if they find a way around it, just to cover there own a$$, they put up a weak block.
    I bet you will see more and more of this
  7. Fabian

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    Just start searching for the "truth" and you will find all sorts of blocked content.
  8. Dankoozy

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    I know someone who wrote a script to watch deleted youtube videos. Can't remember where the hell its gone or if it still works but apparently google don't clean up their static collection of video files as well. Possibly it might work for watching blocked videos as well unless the static file server does the geo location checking, which I doubt really
  9. Fabian

    Fabian Well-Known Member

    Now that is a script i want to get my hands on - please find out where it can be found.
  10. zwebx

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    the things even a site owner can tell about you is amazing say you visit with google analytics i can find where your from (not pinpoint but by city) how you got to me, how long you stayed and what you visited...

    + if i had a data logger on on my server i could get your ip adress and from there you can find out where they are pinpointed
  11. zwebx

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    or you could ditch youtube all together and seek the truth in the darknet
  12. Dankoozy

    Dankoozy Member

    I must get on to the guy to see if he still has it but be prepared for disappointment as the Goog could have changed their ways since. All the juicy stuff is probably on Liveleak/Tor(hidden wiki)/Wikilieaks though

    Have been running a server off my own connection since '06 now. If I were to link an image in this thread I could probably get the IP of the next person to reply, not that I'd want it for anything. It's a handy thing to have though :) This is one reason why I wouldn't buy into "cloud computing" and outsource everything, every single action that generates a request to the server (and more if they use a bit of Javascript) can be logged
  13. happycheapskate

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    What does that mean? Is it another video hosting site similar to Youtube?
  14. Large Filipino

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    High school kids use this proxy trick to go anywhere online at their library lol.