How to watch blocked in your country youtube video


Dec 28, 2012
Now that is a script i want to get my hands on - please find out where it can be found.
I must get on to the guy to see if he still has it but be prepared for disappointment as the Goog could have changed their ways since. All the juicy stuff is probably on Liveleak/Tor(hidden wiki)/Wikilieaks though

the things even a site owner can tell about you is amazing say you visit with google analytics i can find where your from (not pinpoint but by city) how you got to me, how long you stayed and what you visited...

+ if i had a data logger on on my server i could get your ip adress and from there you can find out where they are pinpointed
Have been running a server off my own connection since '06 now. If I were to link an image in this thread I could probably get the IP of the next person to reply, not that I'd want it for anything. It's a handy thing to have though :) This is one reason why I wouldn't buy into "cloud computing" and outsource everything, every single action that generates a request to the server (and more if they use a bit of Javascript) can be logged
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